Texas Tech University

Undergraduate Minor in Wind Energy

Program Overview

This minor consists of 18 hours of undergraduate wind energy courses. All courses must be approved by a wind energy advisor, and a grade of C or better achieved in each course. Wind energy is a multidisciplinary field and some concepts will require a background in calculus and physics.

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Application Process

To pursue a minor in wind energy, you will need to complete the Wind Energy Minor Form with a wind energy advisor.To set up an appointment, click here and follow the instructions below.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

  • Click Here
  • Select Texas Tech University Office of the Provost for the College.
  • Select Academic Major/ Program : UN-BS-WE: Wind Energy
  • Select Kacey Young as the advisor.
  • Select a day and time that are available

Applicable Courses

  • WE 1300 Introduction to Wind Energy
  • WE 1310 Analytical Methods in Wind Energy
  • WE 1311 Principles of Wind Power Conversion
  • WE 2300 Social Impacts of Wind Energy
  • WE 2310 Methods for Wind Resource Characterization
  • WE 3100 Wind Energy Lab
  • WE 3300 Wind Energy Science and Technology I
  • WE 3301 Wind Energy Science and Technology II
  • WE 3310 Wind Energy Economics and Finance
  • WE 3315 Renewable Energy and the Environment
  • WE 4000 Internship in Wind Energy
  • WE 4300 Wind Energy Grid Integration
  • WE 4310 Wind Modeling and Design
  • WE 4311 Wind Energy Legal and Regulatory Issues