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Center for Applied Petrophysical and Reservoir Studies (CAPRS)


The Center for Applied Petrophysical and Reservoir Studies (CAPRS) conducts basic and applied research in the general areas of petrophysics and reservoir engineering that educates undergraduate and graduate students from geosciences and petroleum engineering.

CAPRS and Reservoir Studies will be recognized by industry, professional societies, research institutes and government agencies as an international contributor in the advancement of the investigation and application of technology in the areas of petrophysics and reservoir engineering.

CAPRS was founded in 1990 by Marion D. Arnold and George B. Asquith to promote interdisciplinary research in the petroleum industry. Most all research efforts are driven by specific objectives set by corporate sponsors. The Center personnel work closely with the industry to ensure that the results are usable and relevant to the industry.

Projects vary in scope and size but generally include aspects of routine and specialized core analyses, open−hole well log analyses, carbonate and sandstone petrology, and clay mineralogy to understand the flow capability of the formations and reservoirs. Based on the results of these analyses (and the scope of the project), a pattern, partial− or full−field reservoir study may be conducted using analytical or numerical (reservoir simulation) techniques. Previous projects have included the following geological formations: the Cretaceous (Olmos) tight gas sands in south Texas, the Permian Delaware Mountain Group sands, San Andres, Clearfork, Glorieta and Abo−Drinkard formations in west Texas and New Mexico, the Atoka carbonates in southeastern New Mexico, the Pennsylvanian Canyon sands in central Texas, and the Granite Washes in southwest Oklahoma.


The Center for Applied Petrophysical and Reservoir Studies is located in Room 204 of the Petroleum Engineering Building, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

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