Texas Tech University

Communication Literacy Requirement


To be effective leaders, workers, and citizens—whether in the arts, government, health care, information services, industry, education, or anything else—college graduates must possess the ability to communicate effectively. That is, they must possess communication literacy.

Above all, communication literacy is about competence and proficiency; the attainment of both entails fostering a critical understanding of how communication functions in different contexts, appreciating its uniquely transactional nature, adapting messages to situations and audiences, and communicating in ways that are ethically and socially responsible in a diverse global society.

TTU's Communication Literacy (CL) requirement signals the university's awareness that in addition to the fundamental role that writing plays in enabling students to explore, develop, focus, and organize a message, other types of communication must also be taught as appropriate for a student's discipline. Throughout each program of study, then, students must be given ample opportunity to develop their skills in forms of communication central to that program.

Each academic program housing a major at TTU has identified the courses that constitute its Communication Literacy (CL) plan. Students attending Texas Tech University for the first time in the Fall 2017 term or later will complete a Communication Literacy requirement in their program(s) of study. Students who are pursuing more than one major will be required to complete the CL plan in each distinct major. Students who are pursuing interdisciplinary programs will be required to complete the CL plan for interdisciplinary studies.