Texas Tech University


Curriculog is a program that automates the process of curriculum approval, helping colleges and universities to approve course and program changes and improve communication about the curriculum across campus.

Curriculog will automatically route your course or program proposal to the appropriate groups based on what kind of proposal it is. Curriculog has processes built for the following kinds of proposals:

  1. New Course
  2. Change to Existing Course
  3. Delete Existing Course
  4. Change/add Pre- or Co-requisite for a Course
  5. Propose New Course for Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum
  6. Propose Existing Course for Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum
  7. Propose New Degree Program
  8. Change or Delete Existing Degree Program
  9. Propose New Certificate Program
  10. Change or Delete Existing Certificate Program
  11. Propose New Minor or Concentration
  12. Change or Delete Existing Minor or Concentration
  13. Propose New Intra-Institutional Dual Degree
  14. Change or Delete Existing Intra-Institutional Dual Degree
  15. Propose New Accelerated Degree
  16. Change or Delete Existing Accelerated Degree
  17. Propose or Change Program Admission Requirements
  18. Change Departmental or College Name

In order to use Curriculog, you need to attend the Curriculog Course and Program Proposal Training course. Using the Curriculog software for adding, updating, or deleting courses or programs within the TTU inventory will be covered. Please go here to sign up for your training.