Texas Tech University

For Department Chairs/School Directors/Program Heads

Department Chairs, School Directors, and Program Heads are responsible for the following information related to the Core Curriculum and Multicultural Requirement:

  1. Knowing which courses in your department/school/program are in the Core Curriculum and Multicultural Areas. This information is available in the document titled "Core and Multicultural listings by college and department," (available in the menu bar to the right).
  2. Making sure the Core and Multicultural courses (and all sections of those courses) housed in your department/school/programs use the syllabus language that was approved by TTU and the THECB. This is very important. Syllabi for any iteration or section of a Core or Multicultural course can include language that augments the language as it was approved by TTU and the THECB. However, all syllabi for all iterations and sections of a Core or Multicultural course must include the basic language in the syllabus as it was approved, specifically the Catalog Course Description, THECB Foundational Component Area Description, THECB Core Curriculum Objectives Description, TTU College-Level Core Competency Statement, TTU Core Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes, and Assessment of Expected Learning Outcomes. If you have questions about how to determine whether the syllabus being used in a Core or Multicultural course (or section) in your department/school/program contains the required language, please contact Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Dr. Darryl James.
  3. Making sure your Instructors of Record know they are teaching a Core or Multicultural course because they are required to assess and report on student learning outcomes in those courses. To review what IoRs are required to submit, please review the For Instructors of Record: Core Curriculum and For Instructors of Record: Multicultural Course information.
  4. Following the required proposal process to change or delete an existing Core or Multicultural course or to propose a new Core or Multicultural course. To learn more about these processes, please review the Procedures for Course Change or Removal.