Texas Tech University

General Information

The resources available on the Curricular Proposals website are designed to help academic units navigate the processes required to propose and/or make changes to existing academic courses and programs. This website supplements the information provided in OP 36.04. In general, all proposals require a sequence of approvals starting at the unit (department) level. Please consult the Timelines to determine what kind of approval sequencing your type of proposal will go through before it can be fully implemented. Almost all proposals will be launched and routed for approval using Curriculog, the institution's software program that manages all academic course and program proposals. You can read more about Curriculog  here. After reviewing the Timelines and information about Curriculog, please review the resources available on this site that are specific to your type of proposal. If you have questions about your proposal, contact Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Dr. Jaclyn Cañas-Carrell.