Texas Tech University

How to Propose a Course for the Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum

Step One: Talk with your department chair or school director about your idea.

Step Two: Determine why your proposed course belongs in the Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum. To do this, read about the Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum by clicking on the Helpful Links to the right. Also, look at Frequently Asked Questions and take a moment to see what other courses from your department are already in the Core and/or Multicultural Curriculum by reviewing the catalog: and

Step Three: Familiarize yourself with the review process steps and timeline. See Timeline for Core Curriculum and Multicultural Course Proposal, Review, and Approval for more information on the review process and timeline.

Step Four: Prepare your proposal. Your proposal will consist of a justification statement and a syllabus.

1. Use the appropriate proposal template linked on this page as the structural framework for your justification statement and syllabus. If you are submitting an existing course for the Core and/or Multicultural areas, please rework the existing syllabus so that it is structured according to the required template. This ensures that all required language is in your syllabus.

2. Consult the available SAMPLE CORE & MULTICULTURAL SYLLABI for clarification on how the template serves as a framework for the document. A proposal can absolutely include more information than is required in the template, but all information in the template must be in the proposal for it to be reviewed.

Step Five (Optional but encouraged): Proposers can requrest to discuss the course with the subcommittee chairperson or the subcommittee. Chairperson and subcommittee information is available here. 

Step Six: Start your electronic proposal routing process using Curriculog. Curriculog is a software that has replaced the institution's paper routing for curricular proposals. To submit your proposal using Curriculog, you must be trained to use the system. Information about Curriculog training is available here.

After triple checking that you uploaded your proposal in Curriculog, launch your proposal.

Important note:

There are different Curriculog processes for the following different types of proposals:

1.8C and 1.8M: Propose a brand new course for the core;

1.5C and 1.5M: Propose an existing course for the core;

1.6C and 1.6M: Make a change to or delete an existing core course.

Be sure to select the correct Curriculog process for your proposal type. This will ensure appropriate routing for your proposal.

Additionally, please note that proposals are not reviewed until October. Keep this in mind when launching a proposal. If you launch a proposal significantly in advance of that month, your proposal may sit before you hear anything. If you launch a proposal late, it may not be reviewed in time for that academic year.