Texas Tech University

For Instructors of Record: Core Curriculum Courses

The State of Texas requires that all courses in TTU's Core Curriculum address between three and four of the state's mandated learning objectives. Those objectives are: critical thinking skills, communication skills, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, social responsibility, and personal responsibility. The Core Curriculum Committee at TTU requests your assistance, as an Instructor of Record (IoR) for a Core Curriculum Course, with conducting assessments of these objectives and reporting the assessment data.

If you are the Instructor of Record for a Core Curriculum Course that has a COURSE COORDINATOR, please contact your COURSE COORDINATOR for specific instructions concerning assessment and reporting. COURSE COORDINATORS are most often used when a single Core Curriculum Course has many sections. Courses that generally use COURSE COORDINATORS are  

  • ENGL 1301, 1302
  • HIST 2300
  • HIST 2301
  • HIST 2310
  • MATH 1300
  • MATH 1320
  • MATH 1321
  • MATH 1330
  • MATH 1331
  • MATH 1451
  • MATH 1452
  • MATH 1550
  • MATH 2300
  • MATH 2345
  • PSY 1300

 Not sure if you are teaching a section of a course that has a COURSE COORDINATOR? Please contact your department chairperson, area coordinator, or school director.

If you have questions about assessment and reporting, please contact your Foundational Component Area Chairperson, as follows:

  • Communication: Dr. Michael Faris
  • Mathematics: Dr. Brock Williams
  • Life and Physical Sciences: Dr. Dominick Casadonte
  • Language, Philosophy, and Culture: Dr. Erin Collopy
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: Dr. Patricia Maloney
  • Creative Arts: Dr. Paul Reinsch
  • American History: Dr. Emily Skidmore