Texas Tech University

Communication Literacy Requirement Timeline

All degree-granting undergraduate programs are asked to submit their CL plans (per the directions provided on the appropriate Communication Literacy Plan Template) on or before March 2, 2018.

The Communication Advisory Committee, comprising faculty representatives from Arts & Sciences, Human Sciences, Libraries, Visual & Performing Arts, Media and Communication, Engineering, Education, Business, Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, Architecture, and Honors, will review each submitted CL plan.

Review is expected to take no longer than two weeks, but may require more time if significant revisions to the submitted plan are necessary.

Academic programs should plan their 2018-2019 course offerings with the understanding that their CL plans will be implemented in the Fall 2018 term. (See Updating Your Catalog Copy for recommended language to use when revising course descriptions for courses in your CL plan.)

Academic programs should revise their catalog copy information to reflect the transition from the WRIT to the CL requirement.