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Faculty Fellows Mentoring Program in Engaged Scholarship

Faculty Fellows Mentoring Program in Engaged Scholarship

Sponsored by the Office of the Provost, Outreach and Engagement

The purpose of the Faculty Fellow Mentoring Program is to foster the development of engaged scholarship among Texas Tech faculty.  Accepted fellows work with a team of senior faculty from Texas Tech who have a history of successful engaged scholarship

Applicants: We welcome these applicants to the Faculty Fellows Mentoring Program:

  • Early career faculty members interested in community-engaged research or community- engaged teaching and learning.
  • Tenure-track faculty who have completed their third-year review and are actively strategizing for their promotion reviews.

Application Requirement: Applicants will need to upload a brief letter of support from your department chair, college dean, or program director in pdf format.

About the Fellowship:

Program Structure: Chosen Fellows will work with teams of TTU faculty mentors. Each team of mentors will consist of three to four faculty members and a community partner.

In addition to providing resources for close mentoring, project and professional development, the program covers the registration, lodging, and travel expenses for Faculty Fellows to attend Michigan State University's Summer Intensive on Community Engaged Scholarship.

Requirements: The Engaged Scholarship Fellows Mentoring Program will consist of the following activities over a 12-month period:

  • A half-day Community Bus Tour organized by Outreach and Engagement (Spring 2023)
  • Attendance at Michigan State University's Summer Intensive on Community Engaged Scholarship (June 4-10, includes travel time)
  • A Fellow-Mentor get acquainted/ Interview event (Spring)
  • Bi-weekly or monthly Fellows/Mentor meetings (beginning in September)
  • Lunch & Learn networking sessions featuring TTU experts in engaged scholarship (two in Fall and two in Spring 2024)
  • Attendance at the Fall Engaged Scholarship professional development workshop hosted by Outreach and Engagement
  • Planning and start of an Engaged Scholarship project* with short-/long-term goal-setting and monthly meetings with community partners (Fall)
  • Development of an engaged scholarship portfolio* (beginning in Fall)
  • Participation in the Spring 2024 Engaged Scholarship Symposium hosted by Outreach and Engagement

Note *: Based on the varied nature of the community challenges and timeframes, we anticipate that some projects and their portfolio development may continue beyond the 12-month period into a second or even third year. Fellow support, including access to mentors and other on-campus professional development opportunities, will be provided as needed up to the end of year three.

These activities answer the expressed needs of faculty for multiple layers of support in planning and implementing engaged scholarship projects.

Qualifications: Strong candidates will demonstrate how their interest has developed and the reasons why the program would augment their academic career. Preference will be given to those with a well-articulated vision for a proposed engagement project including prospective community partners. Consistent with the program's goals for resources and mentoring support, however, applicants with strong projects who are still seeking community partners will be considered as well.

The deadline for applications to the program is __TBA____ .  Selected Fellows will be notified by April 5.

To apply, click the button below and you will be taken to the application page in InforReady, when you hit "apply" you will be prompted to enter your e-raider credentials.



For further assistance or questions please contact Bryan Giemza at b.giemza@ttu.edu or Birgit Green at birgit.green@ttu.edu  

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