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In a university-wide initiative to promote staff community engagement, Texas Tech established a new Operating Policy, OP 70.06: Employee Working Hours. This new policy provides Texas Tech staff the ability to utilize work hours for outreach and engagement opportunities. Staff may submit a formal request to their supervisors to utilize work hours for outreach and engagement by using the online Outreach and Engagement Application form

One of Texas Tech's three strategic priorities in its 2025 Strategic Plan, A Foundation for the Next Century – A Pathway to 2025, is to "transform lives and communities through strategic outreach and engaged scholarship." Texas Tech University encourages and supports the active participation of its faculty, staff, and students in outreach and engagement activities that connect the resources of the university with those of the community to advance the quality of life and well-being of its citizens.

Visit Engage at Tech Central to browse our interactive platform and get inspired by the various engagement opportunities. 


Suggested Community Partners:

Activities that qualify as Outreach and Engagement:

Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning:

  • Tutoring, mentoring, teaching
  • Services to children and youth, adults, and elderly populations
  • Demonstration projects

Community-Engaged Research:

  • Community-based, participatory research
  • Applied research
  • Needs and assets assessments
  • Program evaluations
  • Demonstration projects

Community-Engaged Creative Activities:

  • Exhibitions
  • Multi-media presentations
  • Performances in theater, dance, or music
  • Spoken words or writing projects
  • Art or sculpture creation
  • Construction and design

Community-Engaged Service and Practice:

  • Technical assistance
  • Consulting
  • Expert testimony
  • Legal advice
  • Clinical practice
  • Diagnostic services
  • Human and animal patient care
  • Service on advisory boards and other disciplinary/expertise-related service to community organizations



If you have any questions, concerns, or would like assistance with identifying community partners and activities to engage in, contact University Outreach and Engagement at universityoutreachandengagement@ttu.edu or call 806-742-2392.