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What Is Service Learning?

Service learning links academic study and civic engagement through thoughtfully organized service that meets the needs of the community. This service is structured by, and integrated into the academic curriculum, which provides opportunities for students to learn and develop through critical reflection.

Why Should Students Participate in Service Learning?

Students will be able to demonstrate connections between course content, their service experience, and community engagement. Specifically, students may see development in the following ways:

Skill Development

  • Develop an understanding of and ways to manage complex problems and situations.
  • Cultivate and expand on interpersonal communication skills.
  • Foster the development of leadership skills.

Career Preparation

  • Acquire real-world experiences that can help to distinguish you from other job applicants.

Deepening Understanding

  • Demonstrate applied learning.

Community Involvement

  • Establish a deeper connection to the local, regional, and global community.
  • Develop ethical reasoning skills and learn to be a service to the community in professional environments.

What Are the Requirements in Service Learning?

The three main areas of service learning are Critical Reflection, Meaningful Service, and Civic Awareness.

Critical Reflection

  • Service learning courses provide rigorous and enhanced academic learning by interconnecting community action and critical reflection.

Meaningful Service

  • Service learning courses provide relevant and meaningful service by placing students in projects that are tailored to address community and societal needs.

Civic Awareness

  • Service learning courses provide purposeful civic learning by creating a learning environment in which students can acquire the knowledge, skills, and values to make an explicit contribution to themselves and their communities, both local, regional, and global, through civic participation.

What are faculty saying about their service learning?

How do students enroll in a service learning class?

  • Look for the SRVL Attribute.
  • Look for the S in the section number S01.
  • Talk to an academic advisor.
  • Talk to faculty.
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