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 2022 STEM Challenge: Hovercrafts

The Texas Tech University STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education and the Lubbock Independent School District joined forces again to host the 2022 TTU/LISD Middle School STEM Challenge. The Challenge pit ten LISD middle schools against each other in a weeklong competition to design and build life-sized hovercrafts. The week culminated in a race day on Friday where the students drove and raced the hovercrafts. 

Specifics: Each team is comprised of a math or science teacher from each middle school. Four students represent their campus in the competition. Texas Tech provides one undergraduate student to mentor the students and join each team. We also have a few "experts" to guide the teams throughout the week. The Challenge culminates in a final competition where the hovercrafts are put to the test! 

2022 Winners: O.L. Slaton Middle School

           O.L. Slaton Middle School

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 Participating Schools


The Dwyer Cup

*Students and teachers compete to bring home the Dwyer Cup to their schools for the following academic year. The cup is named after former STEM CORE Director and Professor, Dr. Jerry Dwyer, in recognition of his efforts and dedication in improving STEM education for Lubbock students.


  • TTU STEM Center for Outreach, Research & Education (STEM CORE)
  • Lubbock Independent School District (LISD )

Contact Information

For more information, please e-mail STEM CORE.

Previous Winners

  • 2014: O.L. Slaton Middle School
  • 2015: Mackenzie Middle School
  • 2016: O.L. Slaton Middle School
  • 2017: Hutchinson Middle School
  • 2018: Evans Middle School
  • 2019: Irons Middle School
  • 2020: COVID-19
  • 2021:Mackenzie Middle School
  • 2022: O.L. Slaton Middle School