Texas Tech University


Booking Policies:

  • Events with Top Tier Catering must be booked 1 business week prior to event date in order to avoid a late ordering fee of $100.00.
  • Off campus, non Texas Tech related events will be reviewed internally to ensure that we can staff your event properly. If it is deemed that we cannot accommodate your event, we will give sufficient notice.
  • Off campus events are subject to an off campus delivery fee, as determined by Top Tier.


Contractual Policies:

  1. Part of TTU. Top Tier Catering is a department within Hospitality Services at Texas Tech University, a Texas public institution of higher education, and referred to herein as "Top Tier."
  2. Late Bookings. Events booked with Top Tier must be done one business week prior to the event date in order to avoid a late fee of $100.00.
  3. Minimums. Top Tier maintains the following minimum order guidelines:
    • Each event (as defined by an individual event number) must have at least one sub-event that meets a $200.00 minimum for events occurring Monday-Saturday, $300.00 for Sunday events. Additional labor may be billed for subsequent sub-events that do not meet minimums.
    • Bars: Full Bar (Liquor, Beer, and Wine) Sales must meet as $300.00 minimum. Wine and Beer Bar sales must meet a $200.00 minimum. If sales are not met, the difference will be billed to the booking client.
    • Labor: Labor shall be billed at the hours of the event, plus 1 hour prior to serve time and 1 hour after end time - minimum of 3 hours - unless otherwise specified on the event order.
  4. Guarantee Date. A preliminary guest count is necessary in order for Top Tier to provide the best experience possible.
    • For events with standard menu items, the final guarantee of guest attendance is due on or before 7 business days prior the date of the event (the "Guarantee Date").
    • For events that contain special order menu items (designated on the event order), the final guarantee of guest attendance is due on or before 21 business days prior to the date of the event.
    • Guest increases are allowed within the 21 day time frame, but the special menu items may not be available and substitutions will be made as necessary.
    • If the guest count increases after the Guarantee Date, a late change fee (minimum $50.00) will be incurred, as well as additional charges for the increased food and service.
    • ≈4-6 days prior to event date = $50.00
    • ≈2-3 days prior to event date = $75.00
    • 1 day prior to event date = $100.00
    • No guest count reductions allowed after the guarantee date
  5. Event Changes. Any modifications or changes to the catering services at your event (if they can be accommodated) may result in additional charges (e.g. menu changes, increase in amount of food or beverage, or additional labor charges). Please consult Top Tier at catering@ttu.edu or your sales representative for any changes or special requests as early as possible before your event. Payment of additional charges are due 15 days from receipt of an invoice.
  6. Cancellations. Top Tier must receive notice of cancellation on or before 4 business days prior to the event, or a cancellation fee, to be determined by Top Tier Catering, will be incurred. The cancellation fee will be for the cost of any items that have been brought in or prepared. Payment for these charges are due within 15 days from the receipt of an invoice.
  7. Extra Food. In accordance with health and safety regulations, leftover food remains the property of Top Tier and WILL NOT be removed from the event by the client or the guests of the event.
  8. Outside Food. Neither you nor any of your guests may bring outside food to the event with the exception of wedding cakes.
  9. Contracts & Deposit.
    • For Non-Texas Tech accounts, payment is due according to the following payment schedule:
      • A 10% deposit (non-refundable) is due at least 2 weeks prior to event date, or at the time of booking if the event is scheduled less than 2 weeks prior to the event date.
      • The remaining balance is due by 5:00 pm on the day prior to the event date, unless the event date falls on a weekend or university holiday, in which case the balance will be due the last business day prior to the event.
      • The total cost will depend on the actual number in attendance at the event.
    • For Texas Tech account payments:
      • A signed contract as well as a Request for Food or Entertainment Expenditures form or Exception Form for Food or Entertainment form (in accordance to Texas Tech Operating Policy 72.05), inclusive of a FOAP and account manager signature must be on file in the Top Tier office in order to cater the event.
      • If full payment is not received prior to the event date, you risk event cancellation. For Texas Tech account payments, receipt of completed paperwork constitutes full payment.
  10. Payment Methods. Top Tier accepts cash, check, all major credit cards, and internal voucher transfers from Texas Tech University accounts.
  11. Lost Items. Top Tier is not responsible for the safekeeping of equipment, or other valuables left in the event space. Lost or misplaced items at your event are not the responsibility of Top Tier.
  12. Liability and Indemnification. Top Tier assumes no liability for your conduct, including that of your guests, or third parties hired to provide services. You agree to indemnify TTU and its Top Tier employees from and against all claims arising out of your negligence or intentional misconduct at the event.
  13. Interest and Collections. Top Tier may charge you interest at the rate of 10% per annum on any late payments. Payment is late 30 days after date of invoice. A $25 late fee will be assessed on any additional billing.
  14. Dispute Resolution. If a dispute cannot be resolved informally, to the extent applicable and not preempted by other law, the parties will utilize the Dispute Resolution process provided for in Texas Government Code 2260 for all disputes arising from this agreement. Neither the execution of this agreement by Top Tier nor any other conduct of any representative of Top Tier relating to the agreement will be considered a waiver of Top Tier's sovereign immunity to suit.
  15. Promissory. You promise to pay the total amount of all Charges billed to your account, as well as all late fees, service charges, installment option fees, and interest allowed by law. If a collection action is initiated with respect to your account, you agree to reimburse us for the fess charged by a collection agency, which may be based on a percentage (at a maximum of 30%) of the debt and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, we incur in such collection efforts in accordance with Texas Government Code Sec. 2107.003.

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