Texas Tech University


Hot Beverages

We serve fresh brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee.

Regular Coffee
$23.00 gallon
Includes sweeteners, creamers.

Decaffeinated coffee
$23.00 gallon
Includes sweeteners, creamers.

Hot tea
$20.00 gallon
Includes an assortment of 15 tea bags.

Hot Cocoa
$25.00 gallon
Rich and chocolatey with mini marshmallows.

Cold Beverages

$20.00 per gallon

Iced Tea
$20.00 per gallon
Includes sweeteners and lemon wedges.

Mock champagne punch
$30.00 per gallon
Sparkling blend of pineapple juice, lemonade and gingerale.

Citrus Punch
$23.00 per gallon
Tangy blend of orange and pineapple juices and pink lemonade.

Chilled Juices

Orange juice
$23.00 gallon

Apple juice
$23.00 gallon

Ocean Spray® cranberry juice
$25.00 gallon

Soft Drinks
12 oz. Can $2.00
Coke®, Diet Coke®, Sprite®, Diet Sprite®, Dr Pepper®, Diet Dr. Pepper®

Dasani® water
20 oz. bottle $3.00
12 oz. bottle $2.00

Bottled Juices
12 oz. bottle $3.00
Orange juice, apple juice or cranberry juice.

*Pricing and availability subject to change at any time.

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