Texas Tech University

Hors D'oeuvres

Prices include disposable plates, napkins and service ware.

Tender Breaded Chicken Bites
$1.25 each
Choose either home-style, BBQ or buffalo. Served with ranch dip.

Hot Wings
$2.25 each
Choose either hot buffalo, BBQ, or teriyaki. Served with ranch or bleu cheese.

Southwest Tortilla Rollups
$0.66 each
Cheddar jalapeno and spinach tortillas with cream cheese, jalapenos, onions and bacon.

Southwest Eggrolls
$2.25 per half
Crispy egg roll wrappers with chicken, black beans and corn. Served with chipotle sauce

Chicken Flautas
$2.50 each
With fresh made salsa.

$2.50 each
Flaky phyllo pockets with spinach and feta cheese.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls
$2.95 each
With duck sauce.

Mini Quiche
$2.50 each
An assortment of quiche Lorraine, Florentine, Monterrey Jack and vegetable.

Egg Rolls, Pork or Vegetarian
$2.95 each
With sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Potsticker
$1.95 each
Traditional Oriental chicken potsticker. Order fried or steamed.

Pork Potsticker
$1.95 each
Traditional Oriental pork potsticker. Order fried or steamed.

Chicken Satay
$3.50 each
With orange glaze.

Cocktail Sandwiches
$2.95 each
An assortment of small dinner rolls with ham or turkey, assorted cheeses, white wine mayonnaise and spicy dijon mustard.

*Pricing and availability subject to change at any time.

**Consideration for food allergies and special dietary preferences available upon request.

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