Texas Tech University

Symposium FAQs

Please review the following questions to assist in answering any additional Symposium related questions you may have.

What is a 3-minute Impact Talk?

Each student will present for up to 3 minutes to groups of their peers with the one slide they have submitted to present on, followed by a one-minute transition.

What is an Impact Talk Session?

Each session will be one hour. There will be approximately 5-10 impact talks per session. Each session will conclude with time for question and answers open to all presenters. The impact talk session schedule will be strictly enforced by moderators. Presenters will be required to review all their peers in their individual session, in order to be considered for the finals. 

Can I present my project if it is not currently completed?

Projects may still be in progress at the time of abstract submission. It is not necessary to have final results or conclusions at the time of presentation. We recommend that you discuss your project with your faculty mentor to confirm your project will be ready for presenting in a poster format by the conference date.

Can I submit more than one abstract?

Due to space limitations, each undergraduate is allowed to only submit one abstract for consideration to the Symposium.

Can I have a co-presenter?

NO! Each presenter must present individually. There will be no co-presentations allowed. Multiple students from the same research or creative activity project may separately submit and present; however, each student should be prepared to focus their presentation on how they are specifically making an impact through their role on the project.

Who can present during the Symposium?

All undergraduate students currently enrolled at a Texas Tech University System Institution are eligible to present at the symposium.