Engineering Services



About Engineering Services

Engineering Services provides architectural, electrical, mechanical, interior design, and landscape architecture support for all design and renovation of existing structures on campus. All renovation projects are estimated at a cost of under two million dollars. Other services include Asbestos Compliance for the campus and Planning & Training for Operations Division.


The Architectural Department oversees the design and construction of new facilities and renovation projects.
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Asbestos Compliance

Asbestos Compliance focuses on the design and renovation of existing structures on campus and all renovation projects in relation to all asbestos matters are insured by Asbestos Compliance.
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CADD/GIS provides drafting and graphics support for architects and engineers, while coordinating utility location efforts of Tech-owned utilities.
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The Engineering Department provides services to execute limited engineering and landscape design, project cost estimates by performing technical analysis, project cost estimates, construction inspection, and project and contract management.
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Job Order Contracting (JOC) allows Engineering Services to decrease the cost and duration of projects, while increasing quality. Here you will find JOC manuals, Facilities Planning & Construction standards, job order requests, and other important documents.
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Planning & Training

Planning & Training provides a variety of innovative professional development opportunities and administrative support to all Operations Division employees.
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