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iServiceDesk Requirements

Work Order & Project Request

Online requests are for non-emergencies only! They are processed 7:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. M-F. For immediate assistance please call 742-4OPS.

System Requirements

Please note that in order to use the Operations Division's Work Request site, you must be on campus and physically connected to the Texas Tech network or be connected through VPN.

VPN connection instructions are here.

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Operations Division Work Request

Operations Division iServiceDesk is Operations Division web-enabled interface that provides a user-friendly web forum to submit, query, and report on work requests. Requesters can be kept informed via e-mail or can query the status of their request or work order throughout the entire process.

Additional functionality of Operations Division iServiceDesk includes the following:

  • Submit work requests for work orders, projects, and self-help projects
  • List open and complete work orders
  • Query for selected work requests and work orders
  • Check status of work requests and work orders

To begin a work request, please click here.

Do not use this site for EMERGENCY REQUESTS!
Call Operations Division 24 hours a day: 806-742-4OPS

Work Order

A work order is defined as a minor maintenance or departmental special request that results in a minimal expenditure.

If you are ready to submit a Work Order to iServiceDesk, please click here.

Please be advised the request for 30.06 signage for an event with minors will need to be submitted as a work order with a department FOP.  The department will not be charged for the temporary 30.06 signage unless the signs are not returned or are severely damaged.  

Before issuing a Work Order, we will also require documentation of approval from Kimberly Simon and her team.

Project Request

A project request is defined as something that will require an estimate in order for the task to be completed.

If you are ready to submit a Project Request to iServiceDesk, please click here.

Self-Help Qualification

According to OP 61.35, Self-help projects are generally discouraged; however, occasions arise when they may be necessary. Projects categorized as "self-help" involve individuals within a department or functioning unit executing any building, tunnel, or system modification to include construction, painting, cable installation, etc.

If your project pertains to any of the following, please submit a project request.

    • Avian Bird Wire
    • Building Modification
    • Exterior or Interior Signage
    • Grounds Maintenance related work
    • Heating or Cooling exception
    • Most AV/Technology conversions
    • Security Camera Installation/Electronic Access Installation


Facilities System - Brandon McCoy

Building, Maintenance, & Construction - Lonnie Evans

Engineering Services - Brenda Bullard

Hazardous Waste - Environmental Health & Saftey

If you believe you qualify for Self Help, please take our short assessment here.

Energy Exception

Formal approval by the Facilities Allocation Council (FAC) for a E&G organizational unit to operate their air handler unit(s) outside the standard operating parameters as set by the University President: Monday – Friday 0600-2100 & Seasonal Setpoints for Fall – 73°, Winter – 68°, Spring – 73°, and Summer – 76°. Requests of FAC Exceptions are prepared through the Office of Energy Management, who will report the requested schedule changes and will calculate the cost impact on the campus's energy budget.

If you would like to submit an Energy Exception, please click here.

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