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Operations Division Weathers the Storm 

The Operations Division works day in and day out to ensure the University is well kept year-round. Work is constantly being done, especially when extreme weather occurs. Our very own Charles Leatherwood and Lonnie Evans sat down with Daily Toreador to discuss the steps they took to prepare campus for the winter storm Lubbock recently experienced.

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Employee Wellness Assessment

The Operations Division wants to ensure everyone reporting for work on campus is healthy and ready for their shift. Every Operations Division team member is asked to conduct a wellness assessment at home prior to coming on campus using these questions. If any of the questions can be answered with a yes, or if feeling ill, employees are encouraged to call their supervisor, stay home, and seek medical advice.

Anyone with a question or concern regarding symptoms during assessments, please call TTUHSC Nurse-On-Demand at (806) 743-2911. For all other questions, please call the Administrative Resource Office at (806) 742-2760 any time after 8:00 AM.






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