Texas Tech University

Shops and Services


Environmental Systems

Environmental Service Maintenance

The Environmental Systems Maintenance Shop (ESM) is responsible for maintaining and servicing all air handlers, exhaust fans, hot and chilled water pumps, refrigerated air conditioning equipment, and fume hoods located on the Texas Tech campus. Additionally, they respond to calls from the campus community when building temperatures are hot/cold and take the necessary steps to resolve issues they may find in their efforts to maintain a comfortable, safe and efficient learning and working environment.

Steam Shop

The Steam Shop provides support and customer service in the maintenance of heating and fluid recovery systems for TTU mechanical systems to include campus tunnels. The shop continues to improve the Preventive Maintenance Program, with the primary goal of enhancing the reliability of university steam-operated equipment.. The identification, repair, and replacement of old valves and expansion joints continues throughout the fiscal year. The project continues to reduce or significantly limit the number of emergency shutdowns and enables the shop to focus on the maintenance of existing systems to maintain this reliability. The Steam Shop also provides machine and fabrication services for all of campus.


Electric Shop

The Electric Shop is dedicated to projects and service calls from the university departments. The shop continues to upgrade exterior lighting throughout the campus, as well as upgrading interior lighting in numerous facilities on and off-campus. One of their top priorities is keeping all street and parking lot lights working in order to provide a safe nighttime environment for the students and faculty. The Electric Shop also provides support to Carol of Lights and continues to upgrade the existing lights with more energy-efficient L.E.D. lights.


The Insulation Shop provides support for the removal and re-installation of insulation inside, outside and under our facilities and buildings. This helps to not only conserve energy, but also protect those that may work around and/or alongside of steam and hot water lines.

They are also tasked with ensuring that our campus community is protected from asbestos-containing materials by identifying locations where asbestos is, and then the facilitating the safe and regulated removal of it when necessary..

Plumbing Shop

The Plumbing Shop continues to perform and support university projects and responds to many service calls throughout the university. The Plumbing Shop has other responsibilities in addition to normal work assignments. Some of these additional responsibilities are backflow prevention devices, domestic water booster pumps, and municipal-type water and sewer main systems, and natural gas transmission lines, metering, and regulation. This shop also supports major events for Athletics and Auxiliary department.

The Plumbing Shop continues to strive to keep up with the workload and provide numerous after-hour services for all departments on and off the main university campus.


Cabinet Shop

The Cabinet Shop is one of the specialty shops that is self-contained. This shop custom builds cabinetry throughout the campus with very professional results. The Cabinet Shop is customer-oriented and requires extensive interaction with customers to achieve the product each customer requests.

Paint Shop

The Paint Shop provides support for several renovations, minor and major construction projects. The Paint Shop's proficiency in painting walls and refinishing all types of woodwork is well known campus-wide and brings continual praise for the work accomplished.

Sign Shop

The Sign Shop is located within the Cabinet Shop. Whether it is name tags, desk signs, or specialty signage for a department directory, this shop can handle customers' needs. This shop also installs glass frosting for buildings or office storefronts with the Texas Tech Seal or department's name etched on it. The shop has the capability to duplicate department insignias for signs or glass, and always furnishes a high-quality finished product.

Work Control

  • Inspect elevators to applicable ASME A17.1 elevator code safety standards annually
  • Conduct maintenance audits to ensure that the elevators are properly maintained
  • Conduct ADA audits on the elevators
  • Recycle elevator oil (FM has purchased a filter pump to clean hydraulic oil in the elevators)
  • Eliminate callbacks
  • Provide safe, maintained, and reliable elevators for Texas Tech University
  • Review maintenance costs monthly
  • Facilities Maintenance has written specifications to eliminate prioritized equipment; doing this will eliminate the need for additional elevator maintenance companies
  • Estimating customer requested projects
  • Estimating Facilities Maintenance projects
  • Project oversight
  • Special projects
Fire systems
  • Responsible for inspection and testing of fire alarm systems on campus
  • Inspection and testing of fire suppression systems (fire sprinklers) on campus
  • Inspection tagging certification and replacement of fire extinguishers on campus
  • Responsible for correction of deficiencies in fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems (with funds allowed for such deficiencies)
  • Disabling alarm systems for repairs or service
Building Access Service Center

The Building Access Service Center completed numerous major projects providing electronic locks, lock cylinders, and keys in support of projects under the direction of Administrative Support.

The Building Access Service Center performs the following services:

  • Departmental key request (no charge)
  • Master key systems for each building (monitored by the Security Manager)
  • PM exterior locks and panic devices to buildings
  • Provides service for desk, filing cabinets, fire cabinets, elevators, and safe locks or keys
  • Services, repairs, and installs electronic strikes, ADA openers, electronic panic devices, and locks
  • Sets up locks cylinders for new, existing, and renovated buildings

The Building Access Service Center provides keys for the following campus services:

  • Athletics
  • Contractors
  • Custodial Services
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Mail Tech
  • University Police Department

Operations Division: Building Maintenance & Construction