Services provided to partners include:

*Maintain and develop Data Warehouse and Data Marts

  • HRIS Data Store
  • FIS Data Store
  • Any other specialized data marts (i.e. Budget reporting)
  • Decision Support Services
  • Report Building for Finance, Human Resources, Procurement and Budget

*ERP Functional Support

  • Coordinate with IS and our partners' units for installation of new releases (patches and upgrades)
  • Testing of TCC modifications applied to new releases
  • Distribution of product documentation
  • Coordinate with other partners' units, develop HRIS & FIS data dictionaries
  • Administer security access to computer systems

Facilitate Information Management

  • Facilitate information/knowledge sharing between our partners and the System CIO and TTU CIO

*Resource Center

  • Coordinate campus communication via college and division representatives
  • Provide campus communication via Town Hall Meetings, Newsletters, Administrator Meetings and TechAnnounce
  • Provide Senior Administrators Council with periodic updates
  • Communicate Enterprise System Status
  • Provide crosswalks and code charts
  • Maintain a Knowledge Base
  • 742-KNOW (742-5669) - Information resource hotline
  • Information resource e-mail
  • Develop documentation for new releases

Technical Support

  • Procurement of hardware/software - Help construct IT budget for our partners
  • Helpdesk to "triage" efficiently functional and technical issues to correct entities (i.e. Our partners, AFISM, Systems IS, and TTU IT)
  • Desktop services - Installation of software, installation & maintenance of hardware, training & security of desktops Virus & intrusion detection & prevention for the LAN using email virus scanners & development & maintenance of an internal firewall


  • Provide recurring Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, and Report Training
  • Support online learning via training materials, job aids and video tutorials
  • Provide online registration for training sessions

Web Assistance and Development for our partners

  • Manage several centralized web sites
  • Maintain and develop our partners' different web applications

*These services may also be offered to the campus community please contact AFISM for more details.