Office Closure

Effective Thursday, March 26th , Payroll & Tax Services office will be closed to visitors. Staff will be available from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Friday to address questions by phone and email. If an employee has an urgent matter that requires a visit to campus, please call or email to arrange a time to come into the office.

Phone (806)742-3211 or email


Insurance Benefits


Reminder that an ENJOB ePAF does not terminate employment or insurance benefits. If an employee is not expected to return to work, a TERMI (termination) ePAF should be submitted. If an ENJOB ePAF is submitted in error, and the insurance remains active for the employee, departments are solely responsible for ALL insurance premiums due (both employee and employer portions), for all months insurance coverages remain active.


Employees enrolled in insurance who are not working in the summer, as well as 9 month employees who did not have summer premiums pre-deducted, will be billed for "out of pocket" premiums due. If premiums are not paid by the due date:

  • For full-time employees: All dependents will be dropped from health coverage and all optional coverages will be canceled
  • For part-time employees: Health coverage and all optional coverages will be canceled

Employees can only re-enroll in cancelled coverages during open enrollment unless a qualifying life event has occurred. If you have any questions, please email


COVID-19 Related EOPS Payments

To aid in tracking any special payments related to COVID-19, please use the following information when completing Employee Special One-Time Payments, EOPS, for payment to employees.

  • COVID-19 should be the first line in the Detailed Explanation of Payment section.
  • Include as much information as possible in the Detailed Explanation of Payment section.
  • Any LSP payments to nonexempt staff should include a worksheet of hours worked and an overtime calculation, as appropriate.

EOPS deadlines can be found here. Working remotely limits the ability to pull EOPS payments from the regular on-cycle payroll process. Please ensure the EOPS is completed correctly and submitted timely to ensure processing on the appropriate payroll cycle.


2019 Form W-2 Electronic Availability

The 2019 Form W-2 is now available for those that elected to receive the form electronically.

Please Note: Two Factor Authentication has been implemented for Form W-2 access. The link to access your Form W-2 is not changing, however you will be required to enter a code (received by voice call or text) along with your username and password. If you experience difficulties accessing your Form W-2, please contact your respective IT Help center.

To access or print your Form W-2, please log into Raiderlink/WebRaider.

Once you have logged into Raiderlink/WebRaider:

• Select Payroll & Tax tab.
• Select W-2 Wage and Tax Statements within the Annual Tax Information section.
• Select option for Two Factor Authentication.
• Enter code received.
• Select Tax Year.
• Click Display.
• Select Printable W-2. (scroll down bottom left)
• Go to file on the top and print to your local printer.

Q: I did not sign up for electronic consent, will my Form W-2 be in my Raiderlink/WebRaider?
A: No, your Form W-2 will be mailed to your permanent address on file. However, you can select electronic consent at any time to view and access your current year or prior year Form W-2 in the Raiderlink/WebRaider portal. Please see the W-2 FAQs for additional information.

Q: I am no longer an employee, can I access my Form W-2 through Raiderlink/WebRaider?
A: No. It will be mailed to your permanent address on file. Please see the W-2 FAQs for additional information.


EOPS Updates

When submitting electronic documents in the EOPS system, please ensure that all sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, bank routing numbers, and credit card numbers are redacted, leaving no more than the last four digits of the number. EOPS with documents displaying visible sensitive information, may be rejected back to the department for correction/redaction.


2020 Federal Income Tax Withholding

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released an updated 2020 Form W-4. The IRS has also updated the online Withholding Calculator that can be used to confirm the correct amount of tax is withheld from your paycheck. We encourage you to review your withholding this year because of the recent changes to the tax law. If you determine that your Form W-4 does need to be updated, please submit the completed form to your respective Human Resources office.


Comp Time

All TTU and TTU System Staff employees in a full-time non-exempt employee class will accrue compensatory leave time when working >40 hours during the FLSA workweek.

Available compensatory leave time hours should be taken by the end of the accrual period, March 31st. The following reports are available in Cognos to help departments in monitoring an employee's Comp Time balance:

HR030 – Employee Current Leave Balances – Report provides employee(s) leave balances and there is an option to select individual leave code(s) to view current balances.

HR207 – Estimated Comp Time Expense – Report can be run by ORGN or by FOP and will show the available hours and estimated salary expense for all active employees with a Comp Time balance. All applicable fringes will be charged in addition to the salary expense included on this report.

Reports can be found in the following folder within Cognos: Team Content > Human Resources > Departmental Users > All Human Resources Reports.

Both reports are current as of the date the report is run but the hours do not include any manual leave adjustment forms or timesheets that have not been processed.

Cognos Reports


Employee Relocation Changes

Recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act removes the individual moving expense deduction effective January 1, 2018. This change will limit an employer's ability to pay and/or reimburse an employee's moving expense as a nontaxable payment. Please refer to the Employee Relocation Expense Changes document for details on how to process faculty/staff moves that occurred in 2017 as well as procedural guidance for moves occurring after December 31, 2017.

Pay Schedule

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