Calendar Year End Deadlines

  • Departments, please have all your non-exempt employees submit their timesheets for the December 1st—15th pay period on time and approved by December 17th to avoid a delay on their December 22nd pay date. Employees who do not submit their timesheet timely will need a manual check request submitted by their department. Manual Check Requests for the December 1st—15th period will pay on January 8, 2021.
  • The deadline for Manual Check Requests for calendar year 2020 is December 4th. Requests received by 5 pm central time December 4th will be paid December 11th. Any requests received after the December 4th deadline thru January 1, 2021 at 5pm central time will be paid on January 8, 2021.
  • The EOPS deadline for the December monthly payroll is 5 pm central time December 18th. EOPS must be fully approved by this time to process and pay with the monthly payroll.
  • All overpayments must be paid by 5 pm central time December 4, 2020 to ensure the employee's 2020 Form W-2 is accurate.
  • Please review and update your address through the "My Personal Information" link on your employee tab. An updated address is important for the Form W-2 process as well as other mailings from Payroll & Tax Services.


New MLA Process Begins November 1st!

Payroll & Tax Services is excited to announce an application that will replace the Manual Leave Adjustment (MLA) process currently in use. Moving MLA's to an automated application will allow requesting departments to submit MLA's more quickly and easily. It will also help Payroll & Tax Services to process these adjustments with increased efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Payroll & Tax Services recommends training for the new application for anyone who submits MLA's on behalf of other employees, and for employees who submit their own MLA's.

Effective January 1st, 2021, MLA's will only be accepted via the MLA application.

To view available training times and add a training session to your calendar, please click here

For questions or more information, please email


COVID-19 Related EOPS Payments

To aid in tracking any special payments related to COVID-19, please use the following information when completing Employee Special One-Time Payments, EOPS, for payment to employees.

  • COVID-19 should be the first line in the Detailed Explanation of Payment section.
  • Include as much information as possible in the Detailed Explanation of Payment section.
  • Any LSP payments to nonexempt staff should include a worksheet of hours worked and an overtime calculation, as appropriate.

EOPS deadlines can be found here. Working remotely limits the ability to pull EOPS payments from the regular on-cycle payroll process. Please ensure the EOPS is completed correctly and submitted timely to ensure processing on the appropriate payroll cycle.

Pay Schedule

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