Tax Compliance & Reporting assists Texas Tech University, or related entities, (TTU) by providing information regarding compliance with Federal and state tax laws and reporting requirements related thereto. Additional information on common tax topics is provided in the Tax Manual.

The information contained within this website is intended to serve as a reference for primary tax issues encountered by TTU. Tax laws are often complex, open to interpretation, and contain exceptions and special cases; please consult with Tax Compliance & Reporting regarding tax consequences of planned transactions.

Tax Compliance & Reporting does not advise individuals on personal tax issues. The tax information contained within this website is expressly intended for the purpose of informing TTU of timely tax issues relating to it as a State of Texas employer. Any use by individual taxpayers for personal tax issues is discouraged. Individuals should consult with tax professionals for personal tax issues.

If you have any questions, or for additional information, contact us at 806.742.3211 or by email at