Our mission is to provide and continually improve services to faculty, staff, and students in the areas of employment, compensation, benefits, records and payroll in support of the Texas Tech mission to provide the highest standard of excellence in higher education, foster intellectual and personal development, and stimulate meaningful research and service to humankind.

Payroll Services Commitment

Payroll Services commitment to our customers is to conduct business efficiently in a manner consistent with our institutional core values in the production of timely accurate payrolls to our employees and provide reliable reporting as follows:

  • Set the standard for providing quality human resources services
  • Enable the institution to successfully fulfill human resource responsibilities
  • Be recognized as a partner in advancing the mission and vision of the institution
  • Be recognized as addressing constituent's needs with respect and empathy in a timely and effective manner

The information contained within this website is intended to serve as a reference for primary processes handled by Payroll Services. For questions on any special cases please consult with Payroll Services by sending an e-mail to webmaster.payroll@ttu.edu for clarification on specific instances.

NOTE: Payroll Services does not advise individuals on personal tax issues. The tax information contained within this website is expressly intended for the purpose of informing TTU/TTUS/TTUHSC of timely tax issues relating to it as a State of Texas employer. Any use by individual taxpayers for personal tax issues is discouraged. Individuals should consult with tax professionals for personal tax issues.