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Construction Engineering & Engineering Technology Faculty & Staff


William Randy BurkettWilliam Randy Burkett, Ph.D., P.E.Department Chair and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8040
F: 806.742.1699
  • Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Concrete Bridges
  • Rapid Bridge Replacement Techniques and Materials
  • Finite Element Analysis and Modeling
  • Blast Loads / Conventional Weapons Effects
  • Shelter Survivability / Recovery Operations
  • Breakaway Lightpole Transformer Bases
Mukaddes DarwishMukaddes Darwish, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8712
F: 806.742.1699
  • Construction Safety and Health
  • Risk Management
  • Engineering Education Development Techniques
  • Increasing Achievements of Under-Represented Groups in Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Green Building Materials and Techniques
  • Sustainable Development and Construction
David ErnstDavid Ernst, M.E.Associate Professor and MET-Option CoordinatorEmail
P: 806.834.8657
F: 806.742.1699
Tewodros GhebrabTewodros Ghebrab, Ph.D., P.E.Assistant Professor and Graduate AdvisorEmail
P: 806.834.3218
F: 806.742.1699
  • Performance of cement based materials under adverse environments
  • Effect of mineral/chemical admixtures on the structure-property relationships of cement based materials
  • Modeling of mechanical and physical properties of cementitious materials containing nano-size mineral admixtures
  • Effect of mineral admixtures on concrete containing recycled aggregates.
Bobby GreenBobby Green, M.S.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6747
F: 806.742.1699
  • Circuit Theory, extension algorithms for the eigenvalue problem
  • Electric Power and Red Imported Fire Ants
  • Electric pulsed power and pulsed power modulators
  • Roadway lighting, Illumination, Luminance, and target Fourier spacial frequency and information content
  • Identifying techniques for Locating buried pipelines along TXDOT roadway right-of-way
  • Anti-penetration laboratory, Tyndall AFB, Florida
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Highly Compact Building Forms
Sang LeeSang Lee, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.1283
F: 806.742.1699
  • Applications of emerging technologies for more efficient infrastructure management
  • Sustainable construction methods and materials in buildings and infrastructure systems
  • Engineering cost analysis of construction projects by applying a life-cycle cost analysis and/or a benefit-cost analysis
  • Development of risk management plan for better maintenance of built environments
  • Construction management education at a graduate level
  • Bidding strategy and bid-markup decision
Daan LiangDaan Liang, Ph.D., P.E.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0383
F: 806.742.1699
  • Remote-Sensing Imagery
  • Post Storm Damage Assessment and Recovery
  • Wind Effects on Buildings and Structures
  • Wind Storm Damage Assessment Techniques
  • Agent-based Recovery Modeling
Ali NejatAli Nejat, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4065
F: 806.742.1699
  • Modeling Dynamics of Post-disaster Recovery
  • Agent-based Modeling
  • System Dynamics
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Transportation Construction Management

Lecturers & Instructors

Michael LeavertonMichael Leaverton, M.S.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.0821
F: 806.742.1699
Leon ShturmanLeon Shturman, M.Eng.Instructor and Interim Engineering Graphics CoordinatorEmail
P: 806.834.2786
F: 806.742.1699
Larry TannerLarry Tanner, M.S.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.2320
F: 806.742.1699


PhotoFirst NameLast NameTitleOfficePhoneEmail
Margaret CejaMargaretCejaAdvisorCEET
Patricia McCalebPatriciaMcCalebUnit CoordinatorCEET
Becky UnderwoodBeckyUnderwoodAdministrative Business AssistantCEET