Texas Tech University

The Chair's Council advises the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry by:

  • Providing a historical perspective and innovative ideas to assist in the development of the department. 
  • Assisting in determining mechanisms for access to resources and in marketing the Department to employers, prospective donors (both designated and unrestricted gifts), foundations, funding agencies, and corporations.
  • Assisting in marketing the Department to alumni, community leaders, the media, public leaders and the public.  Help to identify strategies for contacting and cultivating relationships with these groups.
  • Providing input regarding the state, national, and global context within which our department and its graduates must succeed.
  • Providing helpful input and, if appropriate, external assessment to the Department with regards to undergraduate and graduate teaching and mentoring (e.g., career placement).
  • Assisting the Chair and the Faculty in communicating and interacting with the Texas Tech University upper administration.
  • Considering future strategies to allow the Department to realize the goals established  for Texas Tech University and the TexasTech University System.
  • Facilitating intra- and inter-institutional partnerships and collaborations.
  • Helping to develop, promote, protect, and sustain special initiatives.
  • Providing guidance with regard to recruitment and retention of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • Serving for the purposes as deemed important or necessary by the Council.

Chair's Council Members

Dr. Avens

Dr. Babb

Dr. George

Dr. Gilbert

Dr. Goodin

Dr. Harwell

Dr. Heineman

Dr. Henry

Dr. Kemp

Dr. McDougal

Dr. Robinson

Dr. Seale

Chair's Council Bios