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Carla Burrus - Advisor


Carla Burrus, a native of Lubbock, earned a B.S. in Education, McMurry University, Abilene; and a M.A. in Romance Languages, French, Texas Tech University, while working as graduate part-time instructor in French. She continued as an instructor of French until she accepted her position as an academic assistant advisor for French and for the Intensive English program in 2011 and later that same year she became an academic advisor.

Currently, her areas of advising at the undergraduate level include: French, German, ASL, and Italian, and at the graduate level include: all international prospective and current students. Advising undergraduate students provides Burrus the opportunity to heighten students' cultural awareness and to facilitate students in learning how language plays an important role in career choices in a global economy. Her years of experience living and working France provide enriching opportunities to serve TTU students.

Other departmental responsibilities include: Coordinator of the TTU International Teaching Assistant program and workshop, Editor of the CMLL Newsletter. She assists with departmental promotion and publicity and has worked on the development of and fundraises for the Lorum Stratton Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment. She appreciates the creative opportunities and collaboration with CMLL faculty, staff, students, and alumni that these responsibilities afford her.


Burrus, an advocate for education and literacy for everyone, founded a non-profit organization in 2011 with its mission to promote literacy and education in places with high rates of illiteracy. Under her direction, the organization began working in Haiti in 2012 leading teacher conferences, providing literacy curriculum and training, promoting free literacy classes to people of all ages. The organization, in collaboration with educators in France and Lubbock, established the first public library in both French and English, in an impoverished rural village in Haiti in 2013. The organization's outreach also includes community projects including: setting-up a small library for the homeless residents of Lubbock's Tent City and donating numerous cartons of library books to West, Texas towards the reestablishment of the elementary school library that was destroyed in the 2013 fertilizer plant explosion. In 2015, the organization awarded its first educational scholarship to a young Haitian man for vocational training in computer repair. Endless needs present Burrus with endless opportunities.

The CMLL Admin Team

Lloyd Allred - Unit Coordinator

Geazul Hernandez - Unit Supervisor, LLL & RC

Liz Hildebrand - Senior Advisor

James Lemon - IT Specialist

Theresa Madrid - Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Santos - Receptionist

David Villarreal - Unit Manager, LLL & RC

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