Texas Tech University

Message from the Chair



Dear all,

Please contact us and let us know what you have done since graduating from Texas Tech! Unless a student is interested in a career in education, there are few jobs that specify a language as the main qualification. Our students have gone on to many interesting and varied careers in government, NGOs, business, and law, among others. The skills that you learned as a language student go far beyond learning vocabulary and grammar and can only have enhanced your ability to navigate the professional world. We would really love to hear how you used your degree in your profession or how language study enriched your life. Your stories matter to our students today, especially when they are in your own words.

I am very happy to recognize the many achievements of our students and faculty this semester which are far too numerous to list in my message. I hope that you take the time to see all the honors and awards received this year in the Academic Excellence section. We are especially proud of our 36 new B.A.s and 22 M.A.s. Special congratulations go to our new Ph.D.s in Spanish: Dr. Ana Acevedo, Dr. Yuriko Ikeda, Dr. Edith Lozano-Pozos, and Dr. Susana Eguia Villanueva. We wish all our graduates the very best as they go on to the next stage of their lives.

Two important CMLL faculty members will be leaving us at the end of this semester. Yanlin Wang first came to Texas Tech in 2008. In that time she has been instrumental in creating a vibrant Chinese program at Texas Tech and developing Chinese studies in area schools. We wish Yanlin the best as she heads to Clemson University for a position as instructor of Chinese. We hope to see her back in Lubbock frequently. Finally, we wish to bid farewell to Dr. Julián Pérez who retired at the end of spring semester. On a personal level, we will all miss him for his good-nature, thoughtfulness, and generosity of spirit. Professionally, we will miss his exceptional instruction and research and his commitment to CMLL and Texas Tech. ¡Le deseamos todo lo mejor!

Dr. Erin Collopy
Department Chair
Associate Professor, Russian