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Faculty Focus


The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures is pleased to welcome the addition of two faculty members for Fall 2015.

Caroline Bishop, PhD
Assistant Professor, Classics


After holding interviews at the annual meetings of the Society for Classical Studies in New Orleans in early January, CMLL was fortunate to hire a new tenure-track faculty member, Dr. Caroline Bishop,
who will be joining the department in Fall 2015. Dr. Bishop completed her Ph.D. at the University of
Pennsylvania in 2011 and has been a visiting lecturer at Indiana University in Bloomington. We are
extremely happy to welcome her as a new colleague!

Andrea Jonsson, PhD
Assistant Professor, French

I am very excited to be joining the CMLL faculty this fall as Assistant Professor of French. Let me introduce myself: I grew up in Bozeman, Montana, a small college and ski town in the Rocky Mountains in a musical Swedish-American home. I did my undergraduate degree in violin performance at McGill University in Montreal. When I had a chance to leave my practice room, I quickly realized that the colloquial French my maternal grandmother had taught me would not take me far in Quebec. I started studying French with gusto, and studied abroad at the university and conservatory in Aix-en-Provence, France in my third year. Aix is where I met my husband Guillaume, a Parisian who loves the South of France. After finishing my degree at McGill, I headed back to France—to Paris this time, where I stayed four years teaching and consulting for advertising agencies. As in love with Paris as I was, I longed to go back to school and study literature. So we packed up our little apartment in the 19th arrondissement and headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I got my PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. While I was teaching, reading, researching, and writing, my husband and I restored a big, old Victorian house, adopted a street dog, and had two children, Antonia and Emeric.


Because of my travels, hobbies, and performance background, my research interests have centered on how a poetic and musical performing arts community can become a home for marginalized members of a society. I am particularly interested in the play between the written and spoken word and how reading or listening to a recording of a live moment can expand and engage with the feelings a live performance creates. I have been interested in contemporary theatre in which the actors/characters are influenced emotionally by the performance space, and how that mimics language's relationship to text. More recently, I have been working on French slam artists and associations, striving to go above and beyond a cultural studies analysis of the genre to look at how the words, rhythms, and rhymes take on a life of their own.

In my free time, you can often find me in the kitchen improvising on a fun new recipe and then sharing it with friends. I love to hike, but never without a good picnic. I read constantly, but it's best when it's for pleasure. I love being told a good story, which is why I love podcasts, audio books, and talk radio, and love live story and poetry slams even more. I write my own short stories, and have had several published. Playing my violin makes me very happy, and I also enjoy plunking at the piano. I jog, but will probably never run a marathon, and I'm passionate about my children and my pets.