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Texas Tech University President Nellis & Vice Provost Nagy Visit the TTU Center in Seville, Spain


TTU President M. Duane Nellis, his wife Ruthie, and Vice Provost for International Affairs Tibor Nagy, made a short visit to the TTU Seville Center in June. This was the first time that a TTU president has visited the Seville Center. A core event in the Nellis' brief Seville Center visit, on June 27, was accompanying nearly 80 TTU students from Spanish, Engineering, Sociology, etc. and assorted TTU faculty and spouses on a tour to the Itálica Roman UNESCO World Heritage site 6 miles from Seville.

Itálica is the first Roman city founded outside Italy, was home to three of the most important Roman Emperors (Trajan, Hadrian, and Theodosius I), and for its population may be the most monumental Roman city ever built.

The Itálica tour was led, as usual for the Seville Center, by CMLL Professor of Classics Julian Frederick Suppe, who is a CMLL faculty member stationed at the Seville Center and now an expert on Itálica. The attached photo shows the tour group. In the center rear are clustered President Nellis (in TTU red), his wife Ruthie, and Dr. Suppe.
Approximately one-third of all TTU students doing study-abroad this summer did so at the TTU Seville Center. Combined with its various other summer study-abroad programs, CMLL continues to have a disproportionate impact on TTU's efforts to promote Study Abroad and promoting internationalism and multicultural awareness and understanding.

Beautification Project of the Grounds near the Foreign Languages Building



During the spring and summer of 2015, a Texas Tech campus beautification project took place in the area surrounding the historic barn located on the North side of the Foreign Languages Building. The project included the planting of grass, trees, and semi-arid plants which changed the entire look of this area of the Texas Tech Campus. Many of our alumni will have a hard time recognizing it now but do not take our word for it, please come see it for yourself!



On June 2, 2015, Andrea Jonsson, Assistant Professor of French presented a lecture entitled "Writing in the Margins: Marginalia and the Woman in Slam Poet in France". Her dissertation, entitled "Performing Home: Affective Intervals in 20th and 21st Century French Theatre and Slam Poetry", has served as a framework for how to treat text as a performance as she continues her research on the play between textuality and orality. Her paper analyzes how women slam poets in Paris are rethinking the position of the female muse in poetry.


Russian Club Volunteers at the Lubbock Children's Home



Members of the Russian Club volunteered each Thursday during the month of July at the Children's Home of Lubbock. Volunteers gave a helping hand with the organization of the storage room, sorting and folding clothes, heavy lifting, and cleaning. The volunteers had the opportunity to taste authentic Russian cuisine and practiced speaking in Russian while they worked. The manager, Mrs. Wilson, was very pleased with the work accomplished so much that on one day she brought the group the sweetest cherries as a thank you. For the volunteers, this act of gratitude was a cherry on the top! The Russian Club aspires to continue volunteering during the semester when everyone is back from summer vacation. Way to go, Russian Club!