Texas Tech University

HIHIC Affiliated Faculty

Rauf Arif

Rauf Arif, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Research Interests: Social media and social movements, role of cross-cultural communication in healthcare, social media and relationship development, public diplomacy in the Digital Age, international journalism.
E-mail: rauf.arif@ttu.edu

Todd Chambers

Todd Chambers, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Associate Professor Journalism & Electronic Media
Research Interests: Media management and economics, the use of Spanish-language media, adoption of communication technology and health communication.
E-mail: todd.chambers@ttu.edu

Lyombe Eko

Lyombe Eko, Ph.D.

Professor, Journalism & Electronic Media
Research Interests: Comparative Internet law and policy, comparative and international communication, and visual communication studies with a focus on political cartoons.
Email: leo.eko@ttu.edu

Zijian Harrison Gong, Ph.D.

Zijian Harrison Gong, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Investigating motivated processing to understand how message design and layout impact selective attention, recall, and attitude formation; examining source and message factors that impact the persuasive ability of mass media content.
Email: harrison.gong@ttu.edu

Mark Gring

Mark Gring, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Research Interests: Examination of epistemic commitments on sociopolitical engagements. I am particularly interested in why and how religious commitment affects people engaging each other culturally and politically. I desire to go beyond the usual church and state political interactions and also examine education, technology, and popular culture.
Email: mark.gring@ttu.edu

Amy Heuman, Ph.D.

Amy Heuman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Research Interests: Identity and culture; intersectional negotiations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic status within/among U.S. co-cultures as they navigate mainstream structures; ethnographic and community engagement based research.
Email: a.heuman@ttu.edu

Andy King

Andy King, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Research interests: health communication, visual communication, public health, health information design for underserved populations
E-mail: andy.king@ttu.edu

Gordana Lazic, Ph.D.

Gordana Lazic, Ph.D.

Instructor, Communication Studies
Research Interests: diversity, intercultural communication, cultural studies, critical theory, rhetoric of social movements, and rhetoric of resistance.
Email: gordana.lazic@ttu.edu

Sun-Young Lee

Sun-Young Lee, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Research Interests: Corporate social responsibility, crisis communication, integrated marketing communication, media relations, corporate reputation management, agenda-building theory, agenda-setting theory
Email: sun.lee@ttu.edu

Bolanle A. Olaniran

Bolanle A. Olaniran, Ph.D.

Professor, Communication Studies
Research Interests: Organizational communication, Group decision making, Crisis communication, Conflict Management, International communication. Specifically, I am looking at Organizational use of communication technologies, in particular, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) and the impacts on different cultures, digital divide, and e-learning.
E-mail: b.olaniran@ttu.edu

Marilda Oviedo

Marilda Oviedo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Journalism & Electronic Media
Research Interests: Media literacy, participatory media, media representations of gender/race/ethnic identity, particularly Latina identity.
E-mail: marilda.oviedo@ttu.edu

Robert Moses Peaslee

Robert Moses Peaslee, Ph.D.

Chair, Journalism & Electronic Media
Associate Professor Journalism & Electronic Media
Campus Coordinator, International Film Series
Research Interests: Fandom and identity, international mass communication, critical approaches to media culture, film production and criticism.
E-mail: robert.peaslee@ttu.edu

Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter

Narissra Maria Punyanunt-Carter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Assistant Dean of International Affairs
Research Interests: Romantic Relationships, Humor, Mediated Communication, Parasocial Interactions, Instructional Communication, Religious Communication, Advisor-Advisee Relationships, Father-Daughter Relationships, and Racial Stereotypes in the Media
E-mail: n.punyanunt@ttu.edu

Eric Rasmussen

Eric Rasmussen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Public Relations
Research Interests: Children and media, parental mediation, media effects, persuasion, media literacy
E-mail: eric.rasmussen@ttu.edu

Miglena Sternadori

Miglena Sternadori, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Associate Professor, Journalism & Electronic Media
Research Interests: Gender stereotypes and sexual scripts in media content, marketing appropriations of feminist agendas, implicit bias and attitudes, international cultural diffusions, the role of media in identity construction and social role performativity, framing, news routines, cognitive and affective processing of media messages.
E-mail: miglena.sternadori@ttu.edu

Kent Wilkinson

Kenton T. Wilkinson, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute Director
Thomas Jay Harris Regents Professor in Hispanic and International Communication
Research Interests: Hispanic-oriented media in the U.S., international communication, influences of culture and language in cross-cultural and health communication.
E-mail: kent.wilkinson@ttu.edu

Lamia Zania

Lamia Zia, M.A.

Research Interests: Role of visual storytelling in society, political campaigns in the Digital Age, digital diplomacy, South Asian documentary film, human rights, globalization.
E-mail: lamia.zia@ttu.edu

Weiwu Zhang

Weiwu Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies to Chair, Public Relations
Associate Professor, Public Relations
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies
Research Interests: Role of media use, strategic communication, and interpersonal communication in social capital and civic engagement in Europe and the United States; social media in public relations and politics; political public relations.
E-mail: weiwu.zhang@ttu.edu