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NASBI : Native American Summer Bridge Institute



About NASBI:

The Native American Summer Bridge Institute (NASBI) is a summer residential program for high school Native American students interested in pursuing a college education.  The program invites high school students preparing to enter their junior high school year to a five day college life experience designed to assist students interested in going to college.  Students accepted into the program spend five days at Texas Tech University engaged in academic classes, campus life events, and other college readiness activities. 

Native American high school graduation rate is 51%. Of those, approximately 5% proceed directly to four-year colleges and only 10% of those students graduate in four years.  Of American Indians living on reservations, only half are as likely as white students to persist and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Relative to other minorities and to the general US school-age population, Indian school children are at or near the greatest risks of receiving poor education and underperforming at the elementary and secondary levels (National Center for Educational Statistics, “Status and Trends in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives”, 2008).

Participants are exposed to the college environment as they learn how it is possible to achieve their academic goals and career explorations.   NASBI seeks to spark a life-long interest in learning and continued education among students, families, and communities. 

Now in its fifth year, the program has graduated over 40 high school students.   Of these students, 80% have been accepted to college.   NASBI monitors students throughout their senior year to assist them in their college admissions process.