Texas Tech University



Carlos Humberto Urbina Jr.

My Backstory

Growing up in the outskirts of Houston, a small town named Rosenberg, I was the oldest out of six. Being the oldest meant having more responsibility and if things went wrong I was the one to blame and violence was always there. My life consisted of taking care of my siblings when they were babies while both my parents worked from sun up to sun down. I had 3 jobs while still in school to support my family, from serving French fries at McDonalds, to mowing lawns and working in construction with my uncle.

What motivated me to go to college

My parents always pushed me to further myself in education and always excel at everything I do. They always mentioned on how they wanted us to get good careers and have a better job and not end up like the jobs they have right now. My teachers in my high school took my eagerness to learn and helped me throughout my application for colleges and became my supporters

What I would tell my freshman self

Don't let that bad exam grade let you down, and surround yourself with people with the same goals because there's people who will take you away from reaching your goals. Don't be afraid to ask for help because there is people who will help you succeed and to use everything that the University offers.

How my background helped me

Being Hispanic there was a gap of knowledge about college, both my parents immigrated to the United States in their early teens. They didn't understand the concept of how much school asks from you, they always wanted me to work and study. Many people told me I couldn't go to college or I couldn't do this but all this negativity helped fuel my ambition to prove all those that wanted to see me fail. Also, by being the first in my family gives me pride, and determination of just to see my parents proud of me.

The best thing about my college experience

My college experience has been great so far, I have attended conferences and made some great friends that are there for me whenever I need it. The experiences have made me the person that I am today and helped me find my true self. I have also became a mentor for first generation college students which has been the best part because I can tell them my hardships and motivate them.

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