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Shake Hands With Your Future

An educational camp for rising 4th-12th grade students

Session 1: July 17th-21st (Grades 4 – 7)

Session 2: July 24th-28th (Grades 8 – 12)

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Shake Hands is a summer residential camp for academically talented students. Students experience university life and attend two classes. The camp includes field trips, and recreational activities. In the summer of 2016, Shake Hands celebrates 36 years of serving the advanced learner.

Classes Offered (Click for More Information)

Course Descriptions

Acting Up

Do you want to become an actor or just become more confident? By exploring basic techniques (voice, movement, diction, and steps to conquer stage fright), you will be on the road to becoming a true master of the art of acting.

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Animal Science and Food Technology

Learn about becoming a veterinarian, a farm animal manager, a meat industry manager, or an animal scientist. Classes include hands-on experiences with animals and animal products as well as basic scientific methods in biology.

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In this class you will become acquainted with architecture and its diverse elements and opportunities. You will experience architecture through hands-on design projects. This course stresses creativity and abstract thought and is designed to prepare you for the many aspects of architectural education.

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Discover and challenge your creativity through a variety of artistic experiences by exploring the exciting world of art. Learn about and create art through a wide range of artistic media from traditional to alternative methods.

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This class will provide you with the opportunity to discover the answer to a genetic health problem of a family in Africa. Your course covers DNA structure and function, protein synthesis and natural selection. Your experience in the biotechnology lab will give you the opportunity to solve a crime using DNA evidence.

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Understand the world around you by learning the composition of structures and the interactions of atoms. Students will participate in hands-on-activities in a lab conducting experiments.

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Roll your sleeves up and prepare for a hands-on introduction to forensics. You will participate in fingerprint detection and identification. You will learn about hair and fiber examination, document examination, and the critical role of DNA.

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LEGO Robotics

You are invited to discover the precise world of engineering design! In this project oriented class, you will work in teams to focus on a specific design problem, develop creative solutions to that problem, select the best solution, and then build a scale model.

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This class will provide an interface between academic molecular biology and real world applications in human health care and the environment. Modern molecular microbiology is already an exciting reality and students will learn interactions of microorganisms with humans, animals and the environment.

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Intro to Business (Session II Only)

Learn the basics of economics, world trade, marketing and running a profitable enterprise. Hear about the success stories of many modern entrepreneurs and learn how to start, manage and grow a business of your own.

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In the Lab

The pursuit of science is an interdisciplinary endeavor. Through hands-on experiments, you will explore a number of fields like medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. If you are interested in gaining information to focus your academic path, or just want to learn more about several scientific disciplines, this class is for you.

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Order in the Court (Session II Only)

Why do we need lawyers and judges? What careers in law are available outside the courtroom? Discover what law is, why we have it, and what lawyers and judges really do. You will visit a courtroom, do research and participate in a mock trial.

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Have you ever wondered about the governing laws of the universe? Do you want to learn about why atoms act like they do? If you are considering a career in engineering, chemistry or physics this hands on course will help build the intuition required for these fields and many others.

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Understanding Poisons

Students will learn and understand how toxicologists study the effects of pollution and chemicals on the plants and animals all around us through hands-on activities.

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