Super Saturdays


Super Saturdays consists of a variety of academic enrichment classes for students in grades K-8. Topics include: Forensics, LEGO Robotics, Art, Animal Science, Biotechnology and MORE. Classes take place on the Texas Tech campus.

Save the date!

FALL 2017: October 7th, October 14th, October 28th, November 11th.

Classes Offered


Minecrafter Coding Mini-camp (Age 10 and up)

Our Minecrafter Mini-camp introduces students to the world of programming and coding and lays the groundwork for the students to move on to increasing complex programming projects. 

Adventures in Art (Age 7 and up)

Come join the fun and adventure of the world of art! Experiment in painting, color, shapes, and drawing. Design and creativity are emphasized in this fast-paced art class.

Forensics (Age 9 and up)

Roll your sleeves up and prepare for a hands-on introduction to forensics. You will participate in fingerprint detection and identification. You will learn about hair and fiber examination, document examination, and the critical role of DNA. Students will "solve a crime" using DNA evidence.

Fun In the Lab (Age 10 and up)

This fast-paced class will demonstrate that the pursuit of science is an interdisciplinary endeavor. Through hands-on experiments, you will explore a number of fields like medicine, biology, chemistry and physics. If you are interested in gaining information to focus your academic path, or just want to learn more about several scientific disciplines, this class is for you.

Lego Robotics (Age 10 and up)

You are invited to discover the precise world of engineering design! In this project oriented class, you will work in teams to focus on a specific design problem, develop creative solutions to that problem, select the best solution, and then build a scale model.

Lego Simple Machines (Age 7-9)

In this exciting hands-on class you will learn to design simple machines using LEGO kits and learn about physics concepts involved.