Texas Tech University


Important Notice: Hazlewood Benefits
We are aware that the Texas Veterans Commission is undergoing upgrades to their website, and at times, the student or the veteran's database record will not be available. If you are completing and submitting an Initial Hazlewood application or a Continued Enrollment Hazlewood application, enter the number of used hours to the best of your ability. As long as there are Hazlewood hours available and you meet the eligibility requirements, we will process your application. Your application will not be denied due to incorrect hours or not having created an account with the TVC.
Important Notice:  Federal VA Benefits 
MVP staff has been working diligently to certify students for VA benefits for Fall 2020; however, you may be experiencing delayed notification of your certification at this time. Modality (how the class is being taken: Online only, Hybrid, Face-to-Face, etc.) is a required component for sending certification to the VA. Because of COVID, class modality was not set by Texas Tech until July 16, 2020, so MVP could not begin to certify students for federal VA benefits until after July 16, 2020 when normally, we start immediately after pre-registration around May 1st for Summer and Fall semesters.



Military & Veterans Programs is here to assist veterans and their families in achieving academic, personal, and professional success.



Our vision is to be the university of choice for military personnel, veterans, and their families. We assist individuals in a seamless transition from military to civilian life by establishing educational benefits, encouraging campus and community engagement, and helping to provide a positive experience through degree completion and on to a successful future.


Military & Veterans Programs embraces the following values:

Service: We appreciate your service and understand the diversity of thought and experience you bring to the university. Our calling is to serve those who have served.

Commitment: We will connect you to campus and community resources enhancing your overall college experience to provide a greater chance of successful academic achievement and degree completion.

Integrity: We treat everyone with the dignity and respect that you have earned and that we all expect from others.

Growth: We provide an encouraging environment that is focused on your success and development.