Texas Tech University

TechVet Boot Camp

Attention all Current or Incoming Veterans or Service Members starting at Texas Tech

When: August 22-23, 2019

Time: 0815-1630 (8:15-4:30pm) each day

Where: 309 TTU Library

What is TechVet Boot Camp

Military & Veterans Programs will host a Boot Camp for incoming Veterans or Service Members who are starting Texas Tech during the Summer/Fall 2019 semester or those current TTU Veterans who want to make connections with other TTU Veterans and learn more about Texas Tech. TechVet Boot Camp is designed to help you transition into college life by providing best practices in study skills, time management, writing, money management and more. It is a great way to network and meet other veteran students who will also be starting Tech this semester right along with YOU!

Our special guests include the Brain Performance Institute, or BPI. BPI will offer high performance brain training program known as Strategic Memory Advance Reasoning Training or SMART. You will learn strategies to revive your everyday routine and boost your brain power. Sessions are interactive with exercises that encourage discussion, creative thinking, and practical application. Learn more at: http://brainperformanceinstitute.com/. There will also be other short presentations from a variety of TTU departments and free breakfast and lunch each day!

Registration is now Open!

How to Register for TechVet Boot Camp

  1. To Register, go to: https://ttu.elementlms.com/
  2. Click 'Login' then Click 'Sign in with your eRaider ID and Password'.
  3. Click 'All Events' Scroll to TechVet Boot Camp-2 day Event (Aug 22-23, 2019)"
  4. Click 'Register' and follow any prompts.
  5. No single day attendance is allowed, you MUST attend both days.
  6. Please cancel your registration if you cannot attend for any reason to reopen a spot.
  7. Other Information will be sent to you at your TTU Email address after you register.
  8. For more information, contact Military & Veterans Programs: mvp@ttu.edu