Texas Tech University

Stephanie J. Jones, Ed.D

Professor, Program Coordinator
Higher Education

Email: stephanie.j.jones@ttu.edu

Phone: 806-834-1380

Office: Education 307

Dr. Jones is a Professor and program coordinator for the Higher Education program at Texas Tech University.  She graduated from 
TTU in 2006 with a doctorate degree in Higher Education.  She has been a faculty member at TTU since the fall of 2008. Prior to her work atTTU, she worked in higher education academic administration in the areas of distance learning, dual enrollment, instructional and student support, grant administration, as well as in faculty and department chair roles.  She has served as the project director for a 3.4 million dollar Title V Cooperative grant, as well as various THECB grants, where she both developed and directed the initiatives.

National Research Project

Principal Investigator (2011 - present) - Carnegie Project for the Education Doctorate

Research Interests

Dr. Jones' research interests include community colleges, distance learning, women in higher education, leadership, and organizational change.  Her research also spans to college transition, specifically involving college pathway programs such as dual enrollment, early college high schools, and Advanced Placement, as well as first generation and under-resourced college students.

Selected Publications

Jackson, D. L., & Jones, S. J. (in press) A virtual commitment: Disability services at public community colleges.  Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability.

Meyer, K. A., & Jones, S. J.  (in press). Do students experience "flow" conditions online?  Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks.

Jones, S. J., Warnick, E. M.*, & Palmer, E. M.* (in press).  Environmental barriers and their effects on the perceptions of women on the tenure track. NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education.

Jones, S. J., & Jackson, D. L. (2014)  Do community colleges hire their own?  Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 38(1), 92-96.

Jones, S. J., & Johnson, B. (2014). Weighing the Risks:  Are Community College Presidencies Wise Career Moves? Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 38(2), 1-10.

Jones, S. J.  (2014).  Efficacy of Student Participation in Dual Enrollment on College Success.Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 38(1), 25-38.

Jones, S. J. & Taylor, C. M. (2013). Work and Life Balance Support of Female Mid-level Non-instructional Staff at 2-Year Public Colleges. Community College Journal of Research & Practice, 37(12), 936-953.

Jones, S. J., Taylor, C. M., & Coward, F. (2013). Through the looking glass: An autoethnographicview of the perceptions of race and institutional support in the tenure process. The Qualitative Report, 18(58), 1-16. Retrieved from http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR18/jones58.pdf

Gill, K., & Jones, S. J.  (2013).  Fitting in:  Community college female executive leaders share their experiences.  NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education, 6(1), 48-70.

Jones, S. J., & Meyer, K. A.  (2012, Winter) The “virtual face” of distance learning at public colleges and universities:  What do websites reveal about administrative student support services?  Online Journal of Distance Learning Administrators, 15(4/5). Retrieve from http://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/winter154/jones_meyer154.html.

Meyer, K. A., & Jones, S. J. (2012). Do students experience "social intelligence," laughter, and other emotions online?  Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 16(4), 97-109. 

Jones, S. J., & Warnick, E. M.*  (2012).On the front lines of rural-serving community colleges:  Novice presidents share their experiences of the job. Academic Leadership Journal, 10(1). Can be retrieved from:  http://www.academicleadership.org/11379/on-the-front-lines-of-rural-serving-community-colleges-novice-presidents-share-their-experiences-of-the-job/

Jones, S. J. (2012).  Reading Between the Lines of Online Course Evaluations:  Identifiable Actions that Improve Perceptions of Teaching Effectiveness and Overall Course Value.  Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks.

Jones, S. J., & Warnick, E. M.* (2012). Attaining the first community college presidency. Community College Journal of Research and Practice 36(3), 229-232. 

Jones, S. J., & Taylor, C. M.  (2012). Effects of Institutional Climate and Culture on the Perceptions of the Working Environments of Public Community Colleges.  NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education.

Meyer, K. A., & Jones, S. J. (2011)  Information Found and Not Found:  What University Websites Tell Students.  Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 14.  Retrieve from http://www.westga.edu/~distance/ojdla/fall143/meyer_jones143.html

Jones, S. J., & Palmer, E. M.* (2011).  Glass Ceilings and Catfights:  Career Barriers for Women in Academia.  Advancing Women in Leadership, 31, 189-198.  ISSN 1093-7099.

Hicks, C. J., & Jones, S. J. (2011).  At Issue:  Survival tactics for Small, Rural-serving Community Colleges.  Community College Enterprise17(2), 28-45.

* - Work with graduate students

Funded Grants

Jones, Stephanie (PI).  Proposal for Scholarships for New Doctoral Students in Higher Education Ed.D. Online Degree.  TTU Graduate School Growing Graduate Programs, Texas Tech University.  (funded $15,000.00 - period:  3/11 - 08/12).

Jones, Stephanie (PI).  Proposal for Support for the Preparation Year prior to Implementation of the Higher Education Ed.D. Web-Based Delivery. TTU Graduate School Growing Graduate Programs, Texas Tech University.  (funded $14,400.00 - period:  9/10 - 08/11).

Jones, Stephanie J. (Principal), Taylor Colette M. (Co-investigator), & Warnick, Erika M. (Co-investigator). (2010).  Hypocrisy of Higher Education:  Are 2-year Public Colleges Gendered Institutions? College of Education Research Grant, Texas Tech University.  (funded $1,250 - 3/10 - 8/10).

Jones, Stephanie J. (Principal) & Taylor, Colette M. (Co-Investigator). (2010).  College Choice of Rural High School Students and Transfer Decisions of Rural Community College Students Across Texas.  Texas Tech University Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. (funded $10,000 - 09/10 - 08/11).

Paton, V. (Co-principal), Jones, S. (Co-principal) (2009-2010). Proposal for Support for the Preparation Year prior to Implementation of the Higher Education Ed.D. Web-Based Delivery.  TTUGraduate School Growing Graduate Programs, Texas Tech University.  (funded $24,830.00)

Jones, S. (Principal). (2008-2010).  Team-up for College Knowledge.  Federal Pass through Grant - Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, State. (funded $99,105.00 - 01/08 – 08/10).