Texas Tech University



Department Name Position
Admin Mendez, Jesse Perez Dean
EP&L Hendricks, Bret Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA)
C&I Matteson, Shirley Interim Associate Dean for Research and Faculty/Staff Development (ADR)
TED Hamman, Douglas Department Chairperson
C&I Dwyer, Jerry Interim Department Chairperson
EP&L Burley, Hansel Department Chairperson

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

C&I Childers, Gina Assistant Professor
C&I Cho, Jeasik Associate Professor
C&I Cruz, Joshua Assistant Professor
C&I Dwyer, Jerry Professor
C&I Greenhalgh-Spencer, Heather Assistant Professor
C&I Hite, Rebecca Assistant Professor
C&I Kim, Jeong-Hee Professor
C&I Lesley, Mellinee Professor
C&I Maina, Faith Professor
C&I Matteson, Shirley Associate Professor
C&I Morgan-Fleming, Barbara Professor
C&I Park, Mihwa Assistant Professor
C&I Pratt, Comfort Associate Professor
C&I Rodríguez, Joseph Assistant Professor
C&I Saldaña, René Associate Professor
C&I Smit, Julie Assistant Professor
C&I Smith, Walter Professor
C&I Wang, Jian Professor
C&I Zimmerman, Aaron Assistant Professor

Department of Educational Psychology & Leadership

EP&L Almager, Irma Assistant Professor
EP&L Banda, Devender Professor
EP&L Blodgett, Teresa Instructor
EP&L Bradley, Loretta Horn Professor
EP&L Brendle, Janna Associate Professor
EP&L Brown, Donna Asst Professor of Practice
EP&L Burley, Hansel Professor
EP&L Carter, Stacy Professor
EP&L Cheon, Jongpil Associate Professor
EP&L Claudet, Joseph G. Associate Professor
EP&L Crews, Charles Associate Professor
EP&L de Leon, Vanessa Assistant Professor
EP&L Dotson, Wesley Assistant Professor
EP&L Duemer, Lee Professor
EP&L Elkins, Angie Assistant Professor of Practice
EP&L Gabro, Cathy Research Associate/Instructor
EP&L Garcia, Hugo Assistant Professor
EP&L Gottlieb, Jessica Assistant Professor
EP&L Griffin-Shirley, Nora Professor
EP&L Hamrick, Jennifer Assistant Professor
EP&L Hart, Stephanie Assistant Professor of Practice
EP&L Hawley, Patricia Professor
EP&L Hendricks, Bret Professor
EP&L Hotchkins, Bryan Assistant Professor
EP&L Inan, Fethi Professor
EP&L Jackson, Grant Assistant Professor
EP&L Jones, David Asst Professor of Practice
EP&L Jones, Stephanie J. Professor
EP&L Jung, Kwanghee Assistant Professor
EP&L Kelly, Daniel Assistant Professor
EP&L Lan, William Professor
EP&L Lee, Jaehoon Assistant Professor
EP&L Lertora, Ian Assistant Professor
EP&L Little, Todd Professor
EP&L Lock, Robin Professor
EP&L Louder, Justin Asst Professor of Practice
EP&L Louis, Dave Associate Professor
EP&L marbley, aretha Professor
EP&L McNaughtan, Jon Assistant Professor
EP&L Molina, Ricardo Instructor
EP&L Noble, Nicole Assistant Professor
EP&L Okungu, Phoebe Assistant Professor
EP&L Palmer, Dusty Assistant Professor
EP&L Paton, Valerie Professor
EP&L Pogrund, Rona Professor
EP&L Richman, David Professor
EP&L Shin, Sungwon Assistant Professor
EP&L Siwatu, Kamau Professor
EP&L Stevens, Tara Professor
EP&L Valle, Fernando Associate Professor
EP&L Wang, Joy Assistant Professor
EP&L White, David Instructor
EP&L Williams, Amanda Instructor
EP&L Wiseman, Alexander Professor
EP&L Yi, Soohyun Assistant Professor

Teacher Education Department

TED Anderson, Shelby Instructor
TED Baptista, Sandra Instructor
TED Brown, Laura Asst Professor of Practice
TED Bullard, Shannon Instructor
TED Button, Kathryn Associate Professor
TED Carrizales, Delia Assistant Professor
TED Coward, Fanni Associate Professor
TED Cowart, Angie Instructor
TED Dennis, Jody Instructor
TED Drake, Wendy Instructor
TED Flores, Raymond Associate Professor
TED Greenlees, Linnie Asst Professor of Practice
TED Halsey, Pamela Instructor
TED Heider, Sherre Instructor
TED Kiser, Michelle Instructor
TED Lay, Melanie Instructor
TED Lindsey, Mary Ann Instructor
TED Matthews, Kimberly Instructor
TED McLaren, Andra Instructor
TED Mitchell, Alyson Instructor
TED Munoz, Zinab Instructor
TED Nelson, Cynthia Instructor
TED Pollart, Penny Instructor
TED Salinas, Cinthia Site Coordinator/Instructor
TED Santiago, Rosa Instructor
TED Scott, Patti Instructor
TED Sowder, Sheri Instructor
TED Spears, Karen Instructor
TED Starnes, Kellye Site Coordinator/Instructor
TED Strong, Michael Visiting Research Scientist,
Adjunct Professor
TED Tickle, Candace Instructor
TED Torres, Ana Instructor
TED Wang, Jianlan Assistant Professor
TED Zaier, Amani Asst Professor of Practice
TED Zavala, Mary Alice Site Coordinator/Instructor