Texas Tech University

Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Jesse Perez Mendez Dean  jp.mendez@ttu.edu  
Bret Hendricks Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) bret.hendricks@ttu.edu  
Shirley Matteson Associate Dean for Research and Faculty/Staff Development (ADR) shirley.matteson@ttu.edu  

Finance and Business Services

Becky Perez Director of Finance becky.perez@ttu.edu 834-8877
Janet Barrett Senior Accountant janet.barrett@ttu.edu 834-3688
Tyler Young Senior Accountant tyler.young@ttu.edu 834-6618

Development and Scholarships

For information about making a donation to the college, visit our Alumni and Friends page.

For information about available scholarships and financial aid, visit our Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

Brad Davis Development Officer brad.davis@ttu.edu 834-8225

Communications and Marketing

To request submit news items to the communications team or to request marketing/promotional materials, please submit the appropriate form on the Marketing Department Services Requests page.

Lauren Brownell Director lauren.brownell@ttu.edu 834-5188
Robert Stein Media Relations Specialist robert.stein@ttu.edu 834-7758
Jessica Alexander Marketing Representative jessica.alexander@ttu.edu 834-7505

Student Services

Donna Brasher Unit Assoc. Director donna.brasher@ttu.edu 834-2518
Karen Noles Unit Coordinator karen.noles@ttu.edu 834-5706
Lyndsey Crawford Academic Specialist lyndsey.e.crawford@ttu.edu 834-2923
Anna Hatton Recruiter anna.hatton@ttu.edu 834-6951
 Jessi Collins Data Analyst jessi.collins@ttu.edu  834-3449

Technology Support Services

For technical support (including printer ink refills), email techsupport.educ@ttu.edu or call 806-742-1319.

For website and digital signage requests, email neil.knauth@ttu.edu.

Glen Mullins Director glen.mullins@ttu.edu  
Chris Solis IT Support Technician II chris.solis@ttu.edu  
Joseph Vermillion IT Support Technician II joseph.vermillion@ttu.edu  
Darren Rogers IT Support Technician II darren.rogers@ttu.edu  
Neil Knauth Web & Social Media Manager neil.knauth@ttu.edu 834-3762

Assessment, Accreditation & Data

Marcelo Schmidt Director of Assessment, Accreditation & Data marcelo.schmidt@ttu.edu 834-4237
Fazil Mohammed Programmer Analyst III fazil.mohammed@ttu.edu  

Undergraduate Advising

For information about the advising process, visit our Undergraduate Advising page.

To set up an appointment with your advisor, visit strive.ttu.edu.

Christopher Corona Academic Advisor christopher.corona@ttu.edu 834-0887
Chris Covarrubio Academic Advisor chris.covarrubio@ttu.edu 834-3957
Cheryl Shaffer Academic Advisor cheryl.shaffer@ttu.edu 834-3404
Zinab Muñoz Site Coordinator: Dallas/Ft. Worth 2+1 zinab.munoz@ttu.edu  
Michele Hicks Site Coordinator: Hill Country/San Antonio 2+1 michele.hicks@ttu.edu  

Sponsored Programs

Tena Gonzales Unit Assoc. Director tena.gonzales@ttu.edu 834-0840
Marebel Ramirez Sr. Business Assistant marebel.ramirez@ttu.edu 834-2960

Graduate Advising - Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment

For general information about the graduate admissions and/or enrollment process, email gradrecruitment.educ@ttu.edu.

Bret Hendricks Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA) bret.hendricks@ttu.edu  
Pam Smith Section Supervisor pam.smith@ttu.edu 834-2969
Brandi Stephens Graduate Advisor brandi.stephens@ttu.edu 834-4554
Beth Watson Graduate Advisor  beth.watson@ttu.edu 834-0429
Ciarra Galindo Graduate Advisor ciarra.galindo@ttu.edu 834-0861

Curriculum & Instruction

Jeong-Hee Kim Department Chair jeong-hee.kim@ttu.edu 834-6075
Teresa Neal Admin. Business Asstistant teresa.neal@ttu.edu 834-2733

Educational Psychology & Leadership

Kamau Siwatu Department Chair kamau.siwatu@ttu.edu 834-5850

Teacher Education Department

Doug Hamman Department Chair doug.hamman@ttu.edu 834-4113
Robin Rekieta Admin. Business Assistant robin.rekieta@ttu.edu 834-1322
Tami Jenkins Prof. Development Facilitator tamara.jenkins@ttu.edu 834-4328
Sherre Heider Prof. Development Facilitator sherre.heider@ttu.edu 834-2620