Texas Tech University

Department of Design

Faculty and Staff


Name Title
Parkinson, Sharran, Ph.D. Parkinson, Sharran, Ph.D. Department Chairperson, Professor
Collier, Don, M.F.A. Collier, Don, M.F.A. Associate Chairperson, Interior Design Program Director, Associate Professor

Department Faculty and Staff

Name Title
Anderson, Rachel, M.F.A. Anderson, Rachel, M.F.A. Assistant Professor
Gaines, Kristi, Ph.D., IIDA, IDEC Gaines, Kristi, Ph.D., IIDA, IDEC Director of Graduate Programs, Associate Professor
Haynie, Laura, M.S. Haynie, Laura, M.S. Adjunct Instructor
Khan, Samina, Ph.D. Khan, Samina, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Lektzian, Jovita Lektzian, Jovita Instructor
Pati, Debajyoti, Ph.D. Pati, Debajyoti, Ph.D. Professor, Rockwell Endowment Chair
Pearson, Michelle, Ph.D. Pearson, Michelle, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Soto, Ericca Soto, Ericca Business Manager
Sopronyi, Erin Sopronyi, Erin Senior Business Assistant
Hwang Shin, Su-Jeong, Ph.D. Hwang Shin, Su-Jeong, Ph.D. ADM Program Director, Associate Professor
Rougeaux-Burnes, Lauren Ashley, M.F.A. Rougeaux-Burnes, Lauren Ashley, M.F.A. Assistant Professor


Department of Design