Texas Tech University

International Education and Enrollment Management (IEEM)

The International Education and Enrollment Management (IEEM) division brings together all international education activities at Texas Tech University under one umbrella. Comprised of International Student Recruiting, International Undergraduate Admissions, International Student Life, International Sponsored Students and Study Abroad, the IEEM team provides a one-stop shop for international undergraduate students seeking a degree at Texas Tech University, and for all TTU students interested in a study abroad experience.

International Undergraduate Recruiting and Admissions

The International Undergraduate Recruiting and Admissions team focuses recruitment efforts on international high school and transfer students interested in studying at Texas Tech University. Recruiters attend fairs, communicate with students via email and social media, and are available to answer any and all questions prospective students may have.

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The Admissions counselors provide accurate and timely processing of transcript evaluations and paperwork for admission decisions and strive to engage in professional practices and provide services to prospects, parents, applicants, counselors, and academic schools and colleges.

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International Student Life

The International Student Life unit plans activities for international students and coordinates with other campus units to provide services to all international students. From airport pick-up to advising the International Student Advisory Board, this office is the go-to place for international students with questions, problems, or who are looking for great opportunities during their time at Texas Tech University.

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International Sponsored Students

Students who are sponsored by their government or other entities are well-served by the International Sponsored Students unit. The office takes care of all aspects of a student's life at Texas Tech, providing that personal touch that sponsors require.

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Study Abroad

The Study Abroad unit offers students four unique types of study abroad experiences: faculty-led; the TTU Center in Seville, Spain; reciprocal exchange programs and affiliate programs.

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