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Affordability Highlights

Texas Tech University is consistently recognized as a best value university. Scholarships are available for you and are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need and extracurricular involvement. Grants, student employment opportunities and loans are also available to make your college education more affordable.

Financial Aid

Grants, work-study, loans and scholarships, which are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need and extracurricular involvement, make your education more affordable. Start exploring your options now.


Important Dates

FAFSA Available now at studentaid.gov.

FAFSA Priority Date - January 15, 2021
Apply for financial aid by this date to ensure maximum eligibility.

Aid Calculator

Calculate a comprehensive aid package including scholarships, grants, loans and work study.



High school and transfer students are assured scholarships when meeting the criteria below. These scholarships are awarded for students admitted before April 15 (for a Fall term). Additional competitive-based university, college and departmental scholarships are also available. Students should apply for admission for consideration (applytexas.org or commonapp.org). No additional application is necessary.


Freshman Presidential Scholarships

Test Score

High School Class Rank

Top 10%
1500-1600 SAT
34-36 ACT
$9,000 per year
$8,000 per year
$6,000 per year
$4,000 per year
1400-1490 SAT or 
31-33 ACT
$7,00 per year
$6,000 per year
$4,000 per year
$2,000 per year
1300-1390 SAT
28-30 ACT
$5,000 per year
$4,000 per year
$2,000 per year
1200-1290 SAT
25-27 ACT
$3,000 per year
$2,000 per year
$1,000 per year
1000-1190 SAT
19-24 ACT
$1,000 per year
Qualifying students must take at least 30 hours per year and must maintain a GPA depending on the scholarship amount. Additional information and requirements can be found here.  

Transfer Scholarships

Academic Requirements Award Amount Renewal Requirements

60 *transferable hours + 3.5 GPA

$4,000 per year for up to 3 years

3.25 GPA and 12 earned hours per semester

Texas residents with 30 *transferable hours + 3.0 GPA, and financial need as evidenced by the FAFSA or TAFSA

$3,000 per year for up to 3 years

3.0 GPA and 12 earned hours per semester, financial need as evidenced by the FAFSA or TAFSA

Red Raider Guarantee

In an effort to increase access to higher education, Texas Tech has implemented a plan to guarantee tuition and mandatory fees to new entering freshmen and transfer students with an associate's degree, who are Texas residents, have a family adjusted gross income that does not exceed $65,000, have demonstrated financial need, and who will be enrolled full time.



Student Business Services

How much will it cost? When will I be billed? Where and when do I pay? All the answers to these question and more can be found by contacting or visiting the website for Student Business Services. Their staff members are ready to answer your questions by calling 806.742.3272 or by email at sbs@ttu.edu.