Texas Tech University

Other Admission


Former Texas Tech Students

For students formerly enrolled at Texas Tech wishing to return and complete their first bachelor's degree. 

Non-Degree Seeking Students

For visiting or temporary students. 

Second Undergraduate Degree

For any student with a bachelor's degree seeking a second bachelor's degree.

Senior Academy for Adult Learners 55+

Texas Tech University participates in this State of Texas program which encourages senior citizens to continue their education by providing tuition to individuals who are 55 and older.

Academic Fresh Start

For Texas residents wanting to gain admission without consideration being given to academic work completed 10 or more years prior to the semester in which the applicant seeks to enroll.

Deferred Admission

For students admitted to Texas Tech who would like to request an alternative term of entry due to extenuating circumstances.

Worldwide eLearning

For students who wish to enroll in a regional or online program at Texas Tech. 

Tech Transfer Acceleration Program

Alternative admission program for freshmen students denied admission to Texas Tech.

Honors College Compass Program Admission

For current high-achieving high school students interested in taking college-level coursework.