Fiscal Year End Announcements

  • The deadline for Manual Check Request submissions to process in FY18 is August 31st.
  • The EOPS deadline for monthly processing is August 18th and semi-monthly deadline is September 4th. Submitted transactions must be completely through approvals by the deadline to process on FY18 funds
  • Please do not submit FY19 EOPS transactions until September 1, 2018 or ensure transactions are dated with September 1, 2018 as the Work Performed From/To date.


2018 Federal Income Tax Withholding

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released an updated 2018 Form W-4. The IRS has also updated the online Withholding Calculator that can be used to confirm the correct amount of tax is withheld from your paycheck. We encourage you to review your withholding this year because of the recent changes to the tax law for 2018. If you determine that your Form W-4 does need to be updated, please submit the completed form to your respective Human Resources office.


Insurance Benefits

Employees enrolled in insurance who are not working in the summer and did not have summer premiums pre-deducted will be billed for premiums due. Premiums not paid by the due date may result in cancellation of coverage(s). For questions send an email to

Departments: Reminder that an ENJOB ePAF does not terminate employment or insurance benefits. If an employee is not expected to return to work, a TERMI (termination) ePAF should be submitted. If an ENJOB ePAF is submitted in error, and the insurance remains active for the employee, departments are solely responsible for ALL insurance premiums due (both employee and employer portions), for all months insurance coverages remain active. For questions send an email to


Employee Relocation Changes

Recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act removes the individual moving expense deduction effective January 1, 2018. This change will limit an employer's ability to pay and/or reimburse an employee's moving expense as a nontaxable payment. Please refer to the Employee Relocation Expense Changes document for details on how to process faculty/staff moves that occurred in 2017 as well as procedural guidance for moves occurring after December 31, 2017.


Comp Time FAQ

Beginning October 01, TTU and SYS staff employees in a full-time non-exempt employee class will begin accruing compensatory leave time when working > 40 hours

Pay Schedule

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