Texas Tech University

Core Curriculum Committee

Core Curriculum Committee Charge and Organization


The Core Curriculum Committee is responsible for establishing program-level core curriculum learning objectives and planning their assessment. Specifically, the Core Curriculum Committee undertakes the following activities:

  • Conducts a comprehensive review of core curriculum and multicultural course syllabi on a 5-year rotation,
  • Develops and conducts annual assessment of core competencies for the seven core areas as well as the multicultural and foreign language requirements,
  • Reviews proposals for addition or deletion of core curriculum and multicultural courses and forwards its recommendations to the Academic Council,
  • Recommends changes in the core curriculum based on the results of the annual and fifth-year core curriculum assessments,
  • Advises academic programs on how to improve the effectiveness of core curriculum courses based on the results of its assessment activities.

Membership and Responsibilities of the Core Curriculum Committee

The Core Curriculum Committee chairperson and vice-chairperson are appointed annually by the provost and senior vice president (PSVP). The committee is organized into nine Core Area Committees, one for each of the seven core areas and one each for the multicultural requirement and foreign languages. Core Area Committees have a minimum of five members, appointed by the PSVP. Larger membership is permitted if there is a heavy work load or if other circumstances indicate a need for wider representation on the committee. When an opening occurs on a committee, the appropriate dean(s) for the core area with a vacancy will be contacted to recommend a replacement to the PSVP. The Core Area Committees report to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee membership is comprised of the chairpersons or designees of the Core Area Committees, a representative from the Faculty Senate, and the Core Curriculum Committee chairperson and vice chairperson. The director of Official Publications or designate, the senior administrator of University Advising or designate, a representative from the Office of Institutional, a representative from University College and a representative from the Office of Planning and Assessment serve as ex-officio members of the Steering Committee. The Core Curriculum Committee chairperson chairs the Steering Committee. The vice chairperson of the Core Curriculum Committee will chair the Steering Committee in the absence of the chairperson. The Steering Committee chair and vice chair do not vote on issues that come before the committee except to break a tie vote.

The Steering Committee is responsible for coordinating core curriculum assessment; reviewing, approving or suggesting revisions in the core; and approving and forwarding on to the Academic Council recommendations from the Core Area Committees. The Steering Committee also has responsibility for coordinating the operation of the Core Area Committees and approving Core Curriculum Committee operating procedures.


Core Curriculum Area Committees report to the Steering Committee. Each Core Area Committee is responsible for a single core curriculum component or graduation requirement as indicated below. The Core Area Committees conduct assessment of their core curriculum or graduation requirement area; develop recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding assessment, learning objectives and core competencies; and evaluate courses in their area.

The Core Curriculum Committee will maintain close liaison with colleges and departments that offer courses in the various core areas and with the Office of Planning and Assessment to provide help assessing student attainment of core curriculum student learning outcomes and core competencies. They also will ensure that any changes to the core do not unnecessarily impact program and degree requirements.

Core Curriculum:

A. Communication (written and oral): 9 hours
B. Mathematics and Logic: 6 hours
C. Natural Sciences: 8 hours
D. Technology and Applied Sciences: 3 hours
E. Humanities: 3 hours
F. Visual and Performing Arts: 3 hours
G. Social and Behavioral Sciences: 15 hours (including the state-mandated U.S. history and government courses)

Texas Tech University Graduation Requirements:

1. Multicultural: 3 hours
2. Foreign Language: 6-10 hours or 2 years of high school foreign language
3. Writing Intensive Courses: 6 hours in the major