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DDIS Instructions
The TTU Departmental Deposit Information Sheet (DDIS) is used to submit any university deposit. Attach an Excel spreadsheet of the amounts of checks and cash to the DDIS form. All deposits are submitted in a sealed plastic deposit bag provided by UFS. The department name and contact number must be on the front of the deposit bag.

Please remember that no deposits are to be sent through U.S. or campus mail.
Field Description
Banner Fund Department fund used for deposits. Contact Accounting Services 742-2970 to obtain your Banner departmental deposit fund.
Banner Account Banner deposit clearing account codes. This is provided on the form for you.
Bank Deposit Date Enter the date of the deposit.
Depositor Name Supply the name of the person submitting the deposit.
Department Supply the name of the department submitting the deposit.
Phone Number Supply the work phone number where the person submitting the deposit may be reached.
Deposit Type This is the type of deposit for each line, ie. Cash, Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express. This field is provided.
Bank Code This is the Banner Bank code that will be used to record the deposit. This field is provided.
Amount Supply the amount of each deposit line item based on the deposit type.
Cash Receipt Number This will be stamped by UFS with the appropriate Banner cash receipt (TC) number. You will be able to view this cash receipt number on your Cognos reports the following day.
Received On The date the deposit is received by UFS. This is to be entered by UFS staff only.
Received By The person who received the deposit. This is to be entered by UFS staff only.

After the form has been completed, please deliver to Texas Tech Plaza, Room 202. If Rochester picks up your deposit, they will drop it off in UFS at Texas Tech Plaza. Come up on the elevator to the second floor, turn left, and proceed to the Deposits window in the hallway just past the men’s room.
Upon receipt of a department's deposit, UFS will verify and process all deposits, including preparation of the deposit slips, sending to the bank, and recording the appropriate transactions in the Finance system.

Please remember that ALL deposits for cash, check or credit card MUST be submitted to UFS within two (2) business days of receipt.
Special Considerations:
All University deposits will be deposited into the deposit clearing account. An entry must be done to move the deposit from this clearing account to the appropriate Revenue or Expense (for reimbursements) FOAPs. Please contact Accounting Services for this process.

Please, refer to OP 62.07 for additional information on Departmental Deposits and completion of the Departmental Deposit Information Sheet (DDIS). If you need further information, please contact the University Deposits area of University Financial Services.


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