Upward Bound


Upward Bound is a dynamic, academic enrichment program designed to prepare first-generation high school students for college. Upward Bound students come from families with limited financial resources and have parents who have not received a bachelor's degree. Upward Bound is a TRiO Program, federally funded by the Department of Education. Upward Bound prepares students with various experiences, career options, and diverse cultural activities. Along with providing the previous services to our students we assist our students with the financial aid process. By guiding our students we enhance their opportunities to pursue a degree and continue on with their academic careers. En español

Upward Bound Programs


Regional high school students in the Discover Program want to pursue STEM careers. Learn More »


Local & surrounding high school students in QUEST want to explore Science & Technology careers. Learn More »


Select Program invites students of all career interests and majors. Learn More »

TRIO Student Support Services

TRIO SSS provides personalized advising, personal and leadership development, and a supportive community focused on empowering students to succeed. Learn More »


  • Make sure to turn in your report cards every 6 weeks.
  • Ask your coordinator for your SAT/ACT fee waivers.
  • During TTU Game days, make sure to talk to the information booth about where to park, UB is not responsible for citation tickets you may receive while on campus.
  • If you contact information changes, please notify us immediately.
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