Texas Tech University

Upward Bound Union



The name of this organization shall be called Upward Bound Union.

Purpose and Goals

Upward Bound Union is a multicultural-service organization dedicated to promoting the growth, development, and support of currently and formerly enrolled students in the Upward Bound Program and friends and affiliates of the Upward Bound program.


Eligibility of Members and Membership Requirements
  1. You must be a Texas Tech University (TTU) student.
  2. You must be a former participant of Upward Bound or friend of Upward Bound.
  3. Active members must be enrolled in at least 6 hours at Texas Tech.
  4. Upon joining, each member will be asked to provide an information sheet including name, phone number, address and e-mail address where he/she may be contacted.
  5. Each member must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA.
  6. All members must pay dues in the amount of $10.00 per semester unless special arrangements have been made with the treasurer. Those members who do not pay dues or make arrangements will not be eligible to vote or run for an office.
  7. Any member can be expelled if conduct is unbecoming based on the findings of a Review Panel. The Review Panel will be composed of Upward Bound Union Officers and Upward Bound Union Advisors.
  8. The expulsion procedure is to inform the member in writing that he/she is being recommended for expulsion. The member will have one week to file an official appeal with the Review Panel.